Conference Sponsors and Partners

Conference Sponsors and Partners

Gold Sponsors


Bull designs and develops servers and software for an open environment, integrating the most advanced technologies. The Group brings to its customers its expertise and know-how to help them in the transformation of their information systems and to optimize their IT infrastructure and their applications. Bull is a large contributor to Open Source Software in linux, middleware and security domains.


 EBM WebSourcing is a french startup specialised in hosted integration services and consultancy in SOA design and implementation, and in open source strategy. EBM WebSourcing designs and develops collaborative solutions which help to catalyze B2B partnerships. These innovative Internet based solutions improve collaborative process efficiency for SME ecosystems. Examples of such collaborative solutions are: group-buying platforms and supply chain management. Based on an open source Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) built with main OW2 projects, our solutions implement services that link business processes and customer's applications. This approach improves Information System agility and the enterprise business processes. EBM WebSourcing leads the PETALS project. PETALS is an open source software development project dedicated to deliver Java Business Integration (JBI) platform, providing lightweight integration solutions, based on JSR-208 specifications. PETALS is the infrastructure of EBM WebSourcing solutions. 


Engineering is an IT global player and Italy's largest operator in the IT services market, the leading provider of complete integrated offerings throughout the software value chain: design, development, outsourcing services, products and proprietary vertical solutions, IT and strategy consultancy, tailored to the business models of its clients in all markets. With more than 6000 employees and 37 branch offices, the Group has a global production capacity in 40 countries, a consolidated presence throughout Italy and a direct commercial presence in the EU-zone (Ireland and Belgium), and overseas in Latin America (Brazil). Engineering carries out the definition of innovative architectural solutions and the realization of complex projects for the public administration, finance and large companies using both proprietary and open-source solutions. The company believes in open source software as a major accelerator for the achievement of the mission critical business goals of the enterprises. Engineering provides its customers with its experience and knowledge in the selection, integration, validation and support of the best open source components, including its own solutions. SpagoWorld ( is the Free Open Source Initiative supported by Engineering including four main projects: SpagoBI, the Business Intelligence Free Platform; Spagic, the SOA/BPM Enterprise Integration Platform; Spago4Q, the SpagoBI specialization for Quality of Software; Spago, the Java Enterprise Wide Framework.


eXoPlatform is a french innovative editor created in 2003 (100 employees), eXoPlatform provide a collaborative suite based on a entreprise portal. eXo Portal is a great implementation of a JSR-168 portlet container, and it is today also one of the first portal and portlet container supporting the new JSR-286 Java Portlet API. In addition to the Java Portlet API support, it is also possible to consume remote portlet using WSRP 1&2. eXo Portal is a great solution to implement and integrate an enterprise portal based on standards. In addition to portal standard, eXo is also providing a powerful ECM that is based on a Java Content Repostory (JCR/JSR-170) implementation (Document Management System, Web Content Management), calendar, mail, social networks and FAQ/Forum.


Ingres Corporation is a leading provider of open source database management software and support services. Ingres powers customer success with the flexibility, cost savings, and innovation that are hallmarks of an open source deployment. Ingres supports its customers with a vibrant community and world class support, globally. Based in Redwood City, California, Ingres has major development, sales, and support centers throughout the world, and more than 10,000 customers in the United States and internationally. For more information, visit


INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) is a French public-sector scientific and technological institute operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry.


XWiki is a young innovative enterprise created in 2004 and was visionary in the use of wikis. XWiki provides XWiki Enterprise, the Open-Source Enterprise Wiki (whose feature set can be extended through numerous applications). It also offers a full range of professional services on top of its product line (training, development, hosing, support, consulting). These offerings are designed to help organize information simply and share it effectively. All the software created by XWiki is released under the LGPL Open-Source license. With thousands of enterprises using our products, XWiki is the leader of collaborative Open Source solutions for enterprises.

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Conference Supporting Partners


Note about conference financing: The OW2 conference is partly financed by the ANR (French Research Agency) through the SCOrWare project. The SCOrWare project aims at providing an open source implementation of the recent Service Component Architecture (SCA) specifications. The SCOrWare implementation includes a runtime platform and design and development assistance tooling for building SCA compliant applications as well. Some of the project partners are members of the OW2 Consortium, and the results of the SCOrWare project will have some impact on the OW2 community and projects (more at 

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