SESSION 1 - Open Source in Action: OW2 Projects Success Stories

Schedule : April 1, 01:30 - 05:00.
Session chair: Christophe Ney, Consultant.
Note : the slides (PDF) of the presentation given are available on the Program page

1)OW2 and France Telecom: History, Usage and Perspectives.
Speaker : Alexandre Lefebvre, France Telecom
Schedule : April 1, 01:30 - 02:00
Abstract : France Telecom is an OW2 strategic member, contributor and also user. This presentation proposes to detail France Telecom's involvement in OW2, both as a contributor and as a user. We will start with an overview of France Telecom's historical involvement in the consortium. From the R&D perspective, we will then show why OW2 is an opportunity for France Telecom to work in a cooperative and open source environment, in the context of OW2 projects including Fractal, CLIF, JASMINe or PEtALS. France Telecom's operations rely heavily on OW2 projects such as JOnAS. The usage of OW2 technology goes alongside with an industrialization process which will be presented, together with representative usage examples.

2) NG WebSSO in action with LemonLDAP.
Speaker : Xavier Guimard, Gendarmerie Nationale
Schedule : April 1, 02:00 - 02:30
Abstract : Lemonldap::NG is a modular Web-SSO based on Apache::Session modules. It simplifies the build of a protected area with a few changes in the application. It manages both authentication and authorization and provides headers for accounting.The project is very active and was choosen for FederID, an open source identity federation project, which provide Liberty Alliance components. LemonLDAP::NG should also be the future WebSSO product used to protect OW2 sites and forge.

3) JOnAS for Allocation of State Funding to Local Government.
Speaker : Benoît Héricher, Ministry of Interior.
Schedule: April 1, 02:30 - 03:00
Abstract : This presentation is a feedback on the first application of the Ministry of Interior that have implemented JOnAS. After a brief description of its purpose, we present the overall architecture and a report on the implementation and operation of JOnAS

O3:00 - 03:30 Break

4) Eurofin: Multi-Site Data Synchronisation with Talend Integration Suite
Speaker : Pierre-Eric Menuet, Eurofin and Cédric Carbone, Talend
Schedule : April 1st, 03:30 - 04:00
Abstract : With more than 7000 employees in 29 countries, Eurofins provides bioanalysis for the pharmaceutical, food and environmental industries. The complex projects run by the data integration team at Eurofins include real time synchronization between 200 sites and the deployment of a new ERP. After one year in production using Talend Integration Suite (winback from Oracle Data Integrator), Pierre-Eric Menuet (Integration Project Manager at Eurofins) will answer the questions of Cédric Carbone (Talend's CTO).

5)Aeliapedia: Knowledge Building with XWiki at AELIA.
Speaker : Jean Leroux, AELIA and Ludovic Dubost, XWiki
Schedule : April 1st, 04:00 - 04:30
Abstract : A subsidiary of Lagardere Services, AELIA employs 2000 people covering more than 20 airports located in France, UK, Poland. AELIA launched a corporate initiative to reinforce knowledge sharing and promote communication between services. On March 10th, AELIA will launch AELIAPEDIA, their renewed intranet. It will address all AELIA employees, specifically targeting shop advisers who need to have access to a lot of information to do their work. The group chose XWIKI Enterprise Manager to facilitate knowledge building and streamline communication through an easy to use interface totally integrated in the existing information system, at a reduced cost. The call will begin with a presentation on the project stakes and its first results delivered by Jean LEROUX ( AELIA's CIO). Ludovic DUBOST (XWiki's CEO) will then present the suggested solution and its implementation.

6) The OW2 BI Initiative: first deliverables and integration in action.
Speaker: Stefano Scamuzzo, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica.
Schedule: April 1, 04:30 - 05:00
Abstract : The OW2 BI Initiative, launched officially at Solution Linux 2008, has released the first deliverables about Open Source BI adoption, research themes and business scenarios. In the speech we illustrate the content and the principles of these deliverables. The speech will be completed by proposing a success story about the combined and integrated adoption of two OW2 solutions, SpagoBI and Talend Open Studio, in the context of the development of a cockpit for the management of provisioning and trafic events of an important italian telecommunications company.