OW2 is Seeking a Software Engineer


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OW2 is Seeking a Software Engineer

September 01, 2017

Come Work with OW2 - Home-Based Job

September 2017: OW2 has opened a position for a Software Engineer. This is a high-visibility position for an experienced developer with demonstrated ability to deliver and good communication skills. (Download this job description)

The software engineer will mainly deliver OW2's contribution to two leading-edge EU-funded (H2020) research projects, STAMP and CROSSMINER, that are focused on software testing and general software quality analysis. The software engineer will also directly contribute to the improvement of OW2's state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and the development of OW2's innovative Market Readiness Levels program. 

Key advantages of this position include working with world-class researchers, project leaders and research organizations in a state-of-the-art virtual organisation and gaining high personal visibility in the open source world through OW2.   

A full member of OW2 Management Office, the Software Engineer's main tasks are:

Collaborative Projects

  • Implements the OW2 Uses Case in the STAMP research project
  • Implements the OW2 Use Case in the CROSSMINER research project

OW2 Technical

  • Helps implement the OW2 market readiness program
  • Carries out light developments (scripts, application integration) to improve OW2 technical infrastructure.


  • Participates in the Technology Council (TC) meetings.
  • Seconds the CTO in interactions with project leaders as necessary.  


  • Prepares and delivers technical presentations of collaborative projects, etc.
  • Participates in OW2 industry events as necessary.

This position requires good knowledge of the Java language. The Software Engineer will interact frequently with OW2 project leaders and participants in the collaborative projects.

The successful applicant will have a degree in computer sciences, engineering subjects or related fields from a University or equivalent plus experience. Applicants without such a degree, but with appropriate education and standing work experience will also be considered. 

The successful applicant will be self driven with high ability to execute in a small team, good communication skills and good spoken and written English. Work location is Europe and home-office based, the function can be executed remotely. Expect to travel in Europe up to five times a year. 

The successful applicant will report to the CTO of the Consortium. The compensation package will be in relation to the candidate's qualification and experience. 

This is a full-time position (but 80% can be considered). (Download this job description)



Please write to: Cedric Thomas.

Internet: http://www.ow2.org