Ecosystem Council (Marketing and Communication, "MarCom", Council)

Ecosystem Council (Marketing and Communication, "MarCom", Council)

The role of the Ecosystem Council is to help build the Consortium's visibility and to ensure the Activities of the Consortium are aligned with market trends, this is why we also call it the Marketing and Communication, or "MarCom", Council.

The Ecosystem Council is responsible for providing recommendations regarding new Projects and new Initiatives, for driving efforts to increase membership, for helping the Consortium keep current with market and technology trends, for providing PR and marketing and communication guidance, for monitoring brand building efforts, for ensuring message consistency, etc.

Participants in the Ecosystem Council

The Ecosystem Council is currently "on hold". This page will be updated as soon as the Ecosystems Council is re-launched as the Marketing and Communications - Marcom - Council.

OW2 Strategy

Analysis of the Consortium's strategy can be found in the following papers: 

Council activities

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