Dedicated Resources for Collaborative Projects

OW2 can support publicly financed collaborative projects that OW2 particiaptes in by providing access to its technical infrastructure. 

Technically, OW2 will set-up a 'private' project that will be accessed via the OW2 forge; OW2 will open GForge projects (and not just SVN) because they come with all associated services such as downloads, trackers, etc..


There are five important rules you need to know about private projects:

  • The Technology Council must be informed.
  • The software is not considered as an OW2 project.
  • The software must be a deliverable in progress.
  • The software must be under OSI-approved open source license.
  • OW2 Management Office has authority to close down the project


Having said that, we kindly ask that collaborative projects follow these guidelines:

  • Only code that relates specifically to the collaborative projects work packages and is deemed to be the pre-cursor to formal deliverable should be submitted to the collaborative project SVN repository.
  • Work packages leaders take responsibility for the administration of this repo and the users they wish to give access to this repo. It will be necessary for any user / administrator to create an account on the forge.
  • Collaborative project partners must use this resource 'reasonably' i.e. take into account the potential issues of over-utilisation and use an optimal approach where possible - we prefer that very large objects such as virtual machine instances are not persisted to this repository, for example.

How to get started

To get started, we propose that the collaborative project technical officer liaise with OW2 Management Office to get this started and subsequently share the necessary information with work packages leaders once the repo is ready to be used.