The Consortium's activities for software development are organized into Projects. A Project regroups development actions corresponding to one or more technical software components, or the integration of different technical components in order to build a platform. Projects are the raison d'être of OW2, without projects, OW2 just does not exist. Projects represent the fundamental activity. At OW2, everything starts with a Project.

Building on the legacy of ObjectWeb and OrientWare, OW2 is fully committed to managing open source projects. They currently cover a broad scope of functionality including application platforms, persistency/database solutions, workflow engines, software engineering, etc. OW2 provides a ?home? as well as a showcase to open source software projects. Each project evolves through a well documented project life cycle. OW2 already hosts more than 100 projects.

The Technology Council is responsible for building the overall technical architecture, including defining technical guidelines, for providing technology validation, for making Project lifecycle decisions, for monitoring production and overall Projects consistency.

Submiting a new project

You can directly submit a project from the OW2 Forge project submission page. Please note that only registered members can submit projects on the Forge. The proposal is then debated on the Technology Council mailing list which evaluates it relevance for OW2 in terms of complementarities, synergies, licence, support, etc. Each project must also be presented and discussed at a Technology Council meeting. The Technology Council must reach a consensus to adopt the project. It is then provisioned in the OW2 Forge and you can start working on it.

Project selection criteria

Projects submissions are evaluated by the Technology Council which decides by consensus whether or not to host the project on the OW2 infrastructure. The Technology Council will decide after evaluating and reaching consensus on five principal criteria:
  • Is it middleware (at large)?
  • Does the team show goodwill to develop synergies with other OW2 projects?
  • Is the license compatible with the IPR policy?
  • Is the Project able to release code?
  • Is the Project overlapping (or redundant) with other projects?

Projects Life Cycle

The project life cycle is composed of three stages: Incubation, Maturity and Archive. New projects start in the Incubation stage then may move to the Maturity stage and, ultimately, might end up in Archive stage depending on periodic evaluation by the Technology Council. If you intend to submit a project or to contribute to a project, we recommend you read the OW2 Project Life Cycle document.

Interoperability Clusters: the Himalaya program

Since 2008, the OW2 community is working towards developing seamless interoperability between the different software components which comprise its code base. This is a bottom-up, peer-to-peer effort aiming at enhancing technical relationship between projects. Some projects with natural complementarities will group to create what we call interoperability clusters. These clusters will then connect to form a comprehensive range hence the name of the program.

OW2 Projects

OW2 classifies its projects along the following categories: Mature, Incubator and Archive. We provide you below with the current list of projects according to this classification.

Other OW2 projects are not listed here because the classification process is an on-going task. To download them, you need to use the Forge. As developments go on, more projects are made available for download, so this list is going to expand. Stay tuned and come back to check for new packages.

Mature Projects

Project Description Datasheet License Standards
Acceleo MDA-oriented code generator natively based on Eclipse EMF. EPL Java EE, Java
ASM Lightweight Java Bytecode Manipulation Framework. PDF BSD Java
Bonita XPDL-based workflow system which provides out-of-the-box workflow functionalities for defining and running business processes. PDF LGPL WfMC, Java EE, EJB, SOAP, XML
CARDAMOM Middleware framework that provides features to configure, deploy and execute near real-time, distributed and fault-tolerant applications. LGPL Corba CCM
CAROL Generic JNDI Provider Service for Local and Remote Objects. LGPL JNDI, RMI, JRMP, IIOP
CLIF Multi-protocols, extendible load testing platform, including monitoring facilities, with optional integration to Eclipse. GPL Java
Enhydra Java/XML Application Server & Dev Kit. LGPL Servlets, XML
Shark Workflow server based on WfMC and OMG standards. LGPL WfMC, Java, OMG
EasyBeans Implementation of the EJB3 container specification. LGPL JPA
eXo Platform Open source corporate portal and content management system. GPL Java, CMS, Portlets, JSF
FederID The FederID project aims to offer a real solution of Identity Management and Identity Federation. PDF LGPL Java, Perl, Python
Fractal Generic Software Composition Framework. LGPL Java
Funambol (Sync4j) Open source SyncML server and framework. GPL Java, Java EE, SyncML
GASP Middleware for mobile multiplayer online games and implementation of the Open Mobile Alliance Gaming Services specifications. LGPL Java, Mobile, OMA GS
InterLDAP Bundle of tools designed for advanced LDAP directory management. LGPL LDAP, Liberty Alliance
JavaService Allows server-type Java programs to be run in the background as a Windows NT/2000 system service, with simple configuration and reliable results. LGPL Java, Windows
JOnAS Java EE Open Application Server. PDF LGPL Java EE
JOPE JOPE (JOnAS Plugin for Eclipse) is an open source JOnAS plug-in for Eclipse. LGPL Eclipse, Java, Java EE
JORAM JMS compliant enterprise messaging middleware. LGPL JMS
JOTM Distributed transaction manager. BSD JTA, JTS, OTS, BTP
Lomboz Eclipse plug-in for Java EE developers. LGPL Java, Java EE, Eclipse
Open Mobile IS Open Mobile IS is a Java framework that aim to provide all the functionalities and components needed for the developpement of entreprise mobile application. LGPL JMS
Orbeon Presentation Server A Java EE-based MVC framework for building Web applications that present and capture XML using XForms, XSLT and WebServices. LGPL Java, Java EE, XML, XForms
Orchestra Web services orchestrationb suite based on the BPEL OASIS standard. PDF LGPL BPEL, Java EE, SOAP, XML
PEtALS JBI compliant ESB providing a service oriented infrastructure for both centralized integration solutions and highly distributed architectures. PDF LGPL JBI, Java EE, ESB
ProActive GRID platform for Parallel, Distributed and Concurrent Computing in Java. PDF LGPL WS, OSGi, Globus, Unicore, gLite, LSF, PBSGlobus, JINI
RmiJdbc Enable Remote Access to any JDBC Compliant Database. LGPL JDBC
RUBiS Auction Site for e-Commerce Technologies Benchmarking. LGPL Java EE, EJB, SERVLETs, PHP
Salome-TMF Open test management framework allowing automatic tests execution, production of documents, and management of defects/requirements. LGPL
Sat4J reasoning engine in Java based on the SATisfiability problem (SAT). EPL
SOFA Platform for designing applications composed of hierarchical, dynamically updatable components. LGPL Java, CORBA, IDL, XML
Spagic Solution oriented towards planning, realization, deploy and monitoring of ESB infrastructures adherent to the SOA paradigm. LGPL Java, Java EE
Spago A Java EE Framework: a reusable, semi-complete infrastructure to customize for developing your applications. LGPL Java, JDBC, EJB, Servlets, JSP, XML
Spago4Q Spago4Q (SpagoBI for Quality) is a platform for maturity assessment, effectiveness of development software process and quality inspection of the released software. LGPL Java, Java EE
SpagoBI SpagoBI is a unified business intelligence platform which uses many FOSS tools. LGPL Java, Java EE
Telosys Telosys is an Open Source framework designed to build easily "Rich Internet Applications" (based on a "Client/Server" principle), using Java EE (Servlet, JSP, JDBC),lightweight clients and XML requests via HTTP. LGPL Ajax, MVC
XWiki A wiki system supporting advanced features such as templates,database, dynamic development and skinablility. GPL

Incubator projects

Project Description Datasheet License Standards
Aspire RFID Aims at developing and promoting an open-source, lightweight, standards-compliant, scalable, privacy-friendly, and integrated middleware to ease the development, the deployment and the management of RFID-based applications. LGPL Java, PHP
Azuki Framework The Azuki Framework provides a rapid application assembly from known components in order to build large systems. LGPL Java
BEEN A generic tool for automated benchmarking in a heterogeneous distributed environment. PDF LGPL Java EE, EJB, SERVLETs, PHP
CMI Framework to enable clustering of all RMI objects. LGPL Java
Dragon High-performance SOA Governance solution. LGPL Java
Dream Component-based software framework dedicated to the construction of communication middleware. LGPL Java, Fractal
Dysoweb Provides modularity and dynamicity to serlvet based web applications. Based on OSGi it allows the dynamic deployment of services packaged as bundles. LGPL OSGi
EasyWSDL EasyWSDL Toolbox is a powerful WSDL parsing library. BSD WSDL
Elastic-Grid The Elastic Grid is an infrastructure for the dynamic deployment, activation, management of Java applications on virtualized hardware, initially focusing on Amazon EC2. PDF AGPL
FraSCAti Java-based open source implementation of Service Component Architecture (SCA) specifications. LGPL SCA
JASMINe Administration tool for the SOA platform aiming to simplify the administrator's job and reduce the management costs. It relies on an autonomic system (Jade project) for implementing some autonomous behaviors (self-repair, self-healing). LGPL
JWTGen Web application functional test generator. It uses real navigation to produce JUnit-based test code, reducing time and cost of functional test writing phase. LGPL
LeWYS Fractal monitoring framework providing a library of probes for both hardware and software resources. LGPL C, Java
NovaForge Novaforge is a professional Open Source software development factory. GPL Java, portlet, UML, XML, PHP
Open Source License Checker (v3) Tool for inspection and analysis of license information from open source packages. GPL
Perseus Component-based persistence framework that solves issues such as cache management, concurrency management (even distributed), transaction management, storage management, logging management. LGPL Java, JCA
xPlus Implementation of the persistence provider of Enterprise Java Beans 3.0, also known as the Java Persistence API (JPA). It can be used as a stand-alone POJO persistence layer, or it can be integrated into any EJB3.0 compliant container. LGPL Java, JPA

Archive projects

Project Description Datasheet License Standards
BarracudaMVC Presentation Framework. LGPL Java, Servlet, DOM, MVC
C-JDBC Gives your applications a transparent (no code modification) access to a cluster of databases even if your database engines are not cluster-aware. LGPL JDBC
DotNetJ Middleware that gives .NET clients the ability to use Java components or J2EE applications. LGPL JavaEE, .NET
Dryverl XML dialect for specifying Erlang-to-C bindings as C port drivers, and a set of XSLT stylesheets that generate all of a binding's Erlang and C source code. BSD Erlang, C
EclipseJDO Eclipse plug-in that makes easy and fast to develop transaction applications in Java using standard JDO drivers. GPL Java, JDO, Eclipse
Enhydra XMLC Radically simplifies web development by cleanly separating presentation from code. LGPL Java, HTML, XML, DOM
GOTM GoTM (GoTM is an open Transaction Monitor) is a component-based framework for building various transaction services. LGPL JTS, OTS
HOWL HOWL (High-speed OW2 logger) is intended to be used for logging of temporary data such as XA transaction events. LGPL Java loggin, Log4J
Introspector Semantic interface into the GNU GCC compiler and other free tools. GPL
Jalisto Lightweight transactional database in Java. LGPL Java SE, Java ME
Jonathan Distributed Object Platform (DOP) written entirely in Java. LGPL Java
JORM Java Adaptable Persistency Service. LGPL Java
Massiv The Massiv is a distributed game middleware whose purpose is to simplify the development of distributed persistent massively multiplayer online games. LGPL C++
MEDOR Distributed objects Request Manager. LGPL Java, SQL
MobiliTools OMG compliant Java toolbox for mobility of Java objects. LGPL Java, CORBA, MAF/MASIF
Monolog Portable Java Monitoring and Logging API. LGPL Java, Log4J
Odette FTP FTP Library for Java, based on the RFC 2204 specification, an open standard published under the Internet Engineering Task Force's (IETF) umbrella. LGPL ITEF RFC 2204
Oscar Open source implementation of the Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) framework. BSD OSGi
ParGRES Database Cluster Middleware whose main goal is to efficiently process heavy-weight queries (e.g. OLAP). LGPL
SNAP SNAP (Structured overlay Networks Application Platform) is a JavaEE application deployment and management infrastructure for structured p2p overlay networks. LGPL
Speedo Open Implementation of the JDO specification. LGPL JDO
SURF SURF (Fault Tolerance by Replication with Universal Services) is a Java library replication service for arbitrary deterministic objects. LGPL
Tribe Java-based group communication library. LGPL
XAPool XAPool is an XA database connection pool: it implements javax.sql.XADataSource, and provides connection pooling facilities. LGPL Java, JDBC, XA
XQuare Set of Java components for extending J2EE platforms with XML-based, heterogeneous information integration capabilities, using the XQuery language . LGPL Java, JavaEE, XML, XQuery