Initiative Overview

Initiatives are joint efforts by OW2 Members aimed at facilitating the use of OW2 technologies by mainstream Systems Integrators, End-Users and Software Vendors. Within an Initiative, OW2 Members work together to develop both technical integration between projects and business synergies in order to address specific market needs.

The technical outcome of an Initiative is not a product but a high-level environment integrating several projects and providing a complex set of functionalities upon which Systems Integrators, End-Users and Software Vendors can build their own business solutions. The business outcome of an Initiative is a set of core relationships between technology providers, integrators and users. Together, they provide the expertise to implement solutions built upon OW2 technologies.

As the name indicates, Initiatives are bottom-up community efforts that are lead by a Strategic Member. For more information, please read the Initiative Handbook and, if you want to propose an Initiative, use the Initiative Charter Template.

The current Initiatives are: the Big Data Initiative, the Open Source Cloudware Initiative, the Future Internet Initiative, the Accessibility Initiative (OSAi), the OSS in Big Cities and the Security Initiative.


The MiniApp initiative (abbreviated simply to "MAI") is focused on MiniApps, a new platform for building light hybrid applications that do not require installation and so enable a near-instant "see-acquire-use" app dynamic for users. MiniApps can deliver a comparable experience to native apps but with less development code and less acquisition friction.

Status: Operational

Initiative Working Group



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pierre yves gibello

Lead: Huawei

Members: CTIC , e Foundation , Famobi , FRVR , PrestaShop , Startin'blox , Vonage

The OSS Good Governance initiative

Most large end-users and systems integrators already use FOSS either in their information systems or in their product and service divisions. Open source compliance has become an ever growing concern and many large companies have named compliance officers. However, compliance is only one part of open source governance. We see open source governance encompassing the whole ecosystem, engaging with local communities, nurturing a healthy relationship with open source software vendors and service specialists. This is what OSS good governance is about. A neutral, open ground for executives concerned with defining and steering their open source strategies, it will allow them to share their experiences, difficulties and uncertainties, but also successes and best practices.

Status: Operational

Initiative Working Group


nicolas1 toussaint , pierre yves gibello

Lead: Orange Group , OW2