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Contributing to the ELC

What are the benefits?

Local Chapters offer a number of benefits to the local OW2 members:
  • A contact point for local community;
  • A platform for local networking;
  • Communication and dissemination channel;
  • International cooperation opportunities in the open source middleware field;
  • A way to leverage ideas, investigate and implement actions, share results.


How to become participants to the ELC?

The OW2 ELC welcomes new contributors. To join the ELC, follow each of the steps below:
  • Read the ELC Proposal;
  • Have a look at the ELC Workpages & Tasks and Call for contributions (in the right column);
  • Identify the contributions you are willing to make;
  • Contact europe-local-chapter(AT), present yourself and what you can bring to the community.

How to contribute?

Call for contributions:

Dear OW2 Members,\ The OW2 Europe Local Chapter management team would like to call all OW2 members willing to:

Who are our contributors?

magnifying glass.bmp Map of the contributors

Who are the ELC Management Team Contributors?

Charles University
  • Location: Pragues, Czech Republic
  • Contact: Petr Tuma
  • Founded in 1348, it is one of the oldest universities in the world. Nowadays, it belongs to the most eminent educational and scientific establishments in the Czech Republic which are recognized in both the European and global context.
Engineering IT
  • Location: Italy
  • Contact: Gabriele Ruffatti, Matteo Melideo
  • Engineering Group is the major Italian IT player, with more than 6,600 people and 37 offices in Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Latin America. Its Research & Innovation department, relying on 200 researchers, plays a primary role in the European IT research projects and it supports many open source initiatives and communities.
Fraunhofer Fokus
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Contact: Gerd Schuermann, Jan Ziesing
  • FOKUS is supporting OS by hosting factory BerliOS. It is member of OW2, Qualipso and OSIS. It also takes part in various OS-projects including CARNEADES: reference inference machine (ESTRELLA), IMS-OSimplementation, JInfoCard: identity management OS implementation, OS security-platform (SWEB)
  • Location: Rhones-Alpes, France
  • Contact: Michel Cezon, Stéphane Ribas
  • A top management commitment. INRIA contributed to OSS through the creation of Objectweb consortium. INRIA is strategic member of OW2 consortium and multiple contributing projects to code base. It has numerous international partnerships in OSS projects and is one of the top players in European IT research community.
Francois Letellier
  • Location: Rhones-Alpes, France
  • Contact: Francois Letellier
  • Francois is an Open Source Consultant . Francois Letellier is a freelance consultant on open innovation and open-source software. He helps innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups define open-source based business models, pursue open innovation strategies and secure funding.
  • Location: France
  • Contact: Grégory Lopez, Julie Marguerite
  • Thales is member of QualiPSo, NESSI, OW2. Thales is also leader of NESSI Open Source Working Group and Member of the French competitiveness cluster System@tic. Finally, it has interest in OSS for e-government.