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ELC documents

About the ELC

ELC proposal slides.bmp PDF.bmp - Europe Local Chapter: presentation May 2009\ 2009-05-07 - Europe Local Chapter Presentation May 2009
ELC proposal slides.bmp PDF.bmp - Europe Local Chapter: status for Q2 2009 2009-09-07 - Europe Local Chapter Status 2009 Q2
ELC Proposal PDF.bmp - Europe Local Chapter Proposal 2008-05-26 - This document is an exhaustive presentation of the Europe Local Chapter.
ELC proposal slides.bmp PDF.bmp - Europe Local Chapter Slides 2008-05-14 - Europe Local Chapter Proposal v 0.18

Press Release

general press release.PNG PDF.bmp - OW2 starts the Europe Local Chapter The OW2 Community on a regional scale: the launch of the Europe Local Chapter 2008-08 - The OW2 Board has approved the launch of the OW2 Europe Local Chapter (ELC) during the quarterly meeting held in May 2008 in INRIA Grenoble. A Local Chapter is a group of members willing to join their efforts and promote the goals of a consortium within a community characterized by its geography or its language.

Call for contribution

call for contribution 1.bmp PDF.bmp - Help the development of OW2 in Europe 2008-06-13 - The OW2 Europe Local Chapter management team would like to call all OW2 members willing to help the development of OW2 in Europe and contribute to our activities.

call for contribution 2.bmp PDF.bmp - Participate to OW2 activities in NESSI OSS WG 2008-06-17 - OW2 is partner of NESSI (Networked European Software & Services Initiative). The Europe Local Chapter of OW2 is taking an active part in the NESSI OSS Working Group that has been launched recently.