About the ELC

About the ELC

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What is the ELC?

The Europe Local Chapter (ELC) has been approved for launching by OW2 Board on May 15th 2008. The ELC is a group of OW2 members forming a network of expertise. The members share the same values and organize themselves to promote the goals of OW2 cooperatively with the local communities.

The ELC Proposal presents the ELC in an exhaustive way. OW2 Members who are interested in the ELC should read it. It will set you about the ways you can participate, shape or develop the ELC. Then, if you are willing to contribute to the ELC, you can contact:


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    contact Michel Cezon
    or Stéphane Ribas
  • contact Gabrielle Ruffatti or
    contact Matteo Melideo at Engineering
  • contact Julie Marguerite at THALES
  • contact Petr Tuma at Charles University
  • contact Gerd Schuermann or
    contact Jan Ziesing at FOKUS
  • contact Francois Letellier at Flet

What is our organisation?

The ELC represents OW2 at a regional level under supervision of the Management Office.

  • A management team is in charge of LC coordination and reporting to OW2 MO.
  • A core team is made of the LC management team plus members with commitment to lead specific actions.
  • An extended team may be setup to broaden the participation to less active contributors and for dissemination purpose.

Registration to core or extended team is of course free and on a voluntary basis (but minimum active contribution is required) and information coming from LC will be available to all OW2 members.

What is our strategy?

The main actions of the Local Chapter will encompass:

  • Leading an academic and business community;
  • Cooperating with other open source organizations;
  • Promoting the consortium;
  • Developing tools and services for the OW2 Local Chapter community;
  • Fostering contribution to the code base.

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