Online Registration

Join OW2

As an organization or an individual, you must first download and read the Bylaws from the Legal Resources page.

Thereafter, in seven short steps, the online registration wizard will automatically complete the Membership Agreement. Less than ten minutes are required to complete the process at the end of which you will receive a registration confirmation by email. 

If you register as a Strategic or a Corporate Member, once your registration has been completed and your Membership Agreement printed, please send two signed copies of the Membership Agreement to the address where we will process it:

OW2 Consortium
 c/o Conseil & Management
 112-114 Bd Haussmann
 75008 Paris

Membership will be fully validated when we receive your signed Membership Agreement at the address above, and your fees if you register as a Strategic or a Corporate Member.


To register as a new OW2 Consortium Member, please go through the on-ine registration process, individual membership is free and open to all.