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OW2 Annual Conferences are offering two days of useful and insightful project presentations, demonstrations, roundtables, keynote presentations. Take this opportunity to meet the community. After the conference, visit this site to replay video presentations of the sessions, and to view the latest photos.

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OW2 Events are IT industry trade shows, public conferences and community meetings where OW2 is actively involved. Check out the members and projects we are showcasing worldwide. Don't miss our public speakers and workshops about open source infrastructure software. 

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OW2 Press Releases are prepared for jounalists, bloggers and analysts. Don't hesitate to ask us for more information, screenshots or photos. Whenever you are publishing an article mentioning OW2 or an OW2 project, please send us a link.

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OW2 Press Review. This list of articles mention the OW2 community, OW2 members, OW2 initiatives, or OW2 projects. Feel free to send us a link if you don't find the article you were looking for.