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OW2 Webinars


OW2 Webinars provide interactive sessions to discover new services or software proposed by the OW2 community. This platform is also available, as a service offered by the AppHub project, to all European open source projects. Next OW2 Webinars will allow you to learn more about innovative concepts and open cloud technologies, developed by R&D collaborative projects. Don't hesitate to register to attend an Upcoming Webinar (live session) or check Past Webinars to replay a previous session. Would you like to submit your own webinar? Check out conditions and dates at the end of this page.

Upcoming OW2 Webinars

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Past OW2 Webinars

The replays of past webinars will be progressively uploaded in this section.  

New OW2 Project: Nanocloud

Join our live webinar and discover how to transform a legacy (heavy client) application like LibreOffice, into a SaaS solution thanks to OW2 Nanocloud Community platform.
Nanocloud Community enables new uses and business models by pushing your application portfolio into the cloud, without any code rewrite. 

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AppHub key steps to promote your project

Follow this webinar to discover how you can promote your open source project thanks to the three main AppHub services : the AppHub Directory, the AppHub Factory and the AppHub Store. 

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CLIF Project

Discover key features and enjoy the demo of CLIF open load testing platform...More details

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FP7 projects Quality Evaluation with ETICS from OCEAN Project

OCEAN project simplifies testing and quality assurance activities - through ETICS - to improve the quality of the software being produced in FP7 projects. ETICS allows you to define, execute and analyse a large range of software testing cases: static code analysis, unit testing, compliance testing, deployment and functional testing in a multi-node environment. Testing results are processed and a quality rank is assigned accordingly with the SQALE method.

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ProActive Project

Discover ProActive new web interfaces to create, execute and monitor all company jobs and business applications. More details

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OW2 Update and Q&A with C├ędric Thomas

Join OW2 CEO Cedric Thomas for a live update on upcoming OW2 key events.More details

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LemonLDAP::NG is an open source Web Single Sign On product (WebSSO) written in Perl, plugged into Apache Web Server.  More

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The DocDoku project aim is to offer a robust PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) solution...  More

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Sensonet is a framework that have been developped on top of the Emerginov project (an open source PHP PaaS hosted in OW2). More 

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Despite its wide acceptance for cloud services, REST APIs are not
standard hence not interoperable...More details

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Ocean Webinar Feb. 21 2014

Four OCEAN services presentation.

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How to attend OW2 Webinars?

Please use the above list to select your webinar, then enter your name and email address in order to Register. Please note that we can guarantee your access to the webinar only to the first 20 pre-registered attendees. To access the webinar, you will need to install Webex Client application. In order to receive Webex email alerts with meeting link, please accept the "admin@webex.com" address as a valid one in your email and/or antispam systems.

How to submit an OW2 Webinar?

OW2 Webinars are online resources designed to support the open-source community at large. You can suggest a productivity-oriented tutorial, a project demo, an hands-on session, a use case or some technical support for developers and integrators.  


Please send an email to Webinars with a webinar Title and short Description of your project (less than 300 characters). You may provide an additional larger description, if necessary. Do not forget the webinar Speaker Name, Job Title, e-mail and mobile number. OW2 will contact you in order to prepare and schedule your webinar as soon as possible.