OSS Good Governance initiative call - Minutes

- Thursday, April 22th, 5PM CEST
- Link: https:l.ow2.org/g2i 

Update since last call:
- Introduction of the training Syllabus: please check out a draft here: https://mypads.framapad.org/mypads/?/mypads/group/g2i-oss-training-3r3rsf7q7/pad/view/g2i-oss-training-tb3ruf76e   Password: 0f426aa155
- Cleaning up the version of the charter in progress here: https://nextcloud.ow2.org/index.php/f/62775
- Issue tracking for the initiative on GitLab, done, here: https://gitlab.ow2.org/groups/g2i/-/issues
- We have set-up a private wiki for the initiative at: https://ggi.ow2.org/.

User management
Here is what we need you to do:
- Create your user account at https:www.ow2.org/view/services/registration
- For the private wiki: send me your user name so we can grant you appropriate access.
- For the GitLab group, login once to https://gitlab.ow2.org and let us know when it's done so we can grant you appropriate access.

- Review of the minutes (All)
- Training syllabus introduction (Nicolas Toussaint)
- Review technical resources (Cedric Thomas)
- Initiative logo (VM Brasseur)
- OW2online’20 session (Cedric Thomas)
- AOB (All)

Attendees: Cedric, Nicolas Toussaint, Michael Jaeger, VMB, Christian Paterson
Review of the minutes: https://www.ow2.org/view/OSS_Governance/20200326-Minutes
    • No objections voiced
    • Ping Cedric if changes needed

Training syllabus draft
    • https://mypads.framapad.org/mypads/?/mypads/group/g2i-oss-training-3r3rsf7q7/pad/view/g2i-oss-training-tb3ruf76e Password: 0f426aa155
        ◦ Nicolas will move this to NextCloud
            ▪ Done: https://nextcloud.ow2.org/.../OSSTraining_Syllabus.odt
    • Nokia & Orange are working on this
        ◦ Companies have different use cases, but there’s a lot of shared  needs
        ◦ Toward a certification or not
    • VM There is already some training of the sort at Juniper
        ◦ See with legal dpt if sharing possible
        ◦ Most training at companies can be made public anyway without revealing any company secret
        ◦ CP Things like “how do you use FOSSology”, nothing confidential
        ◦ NT Maybe leverage some specialist who already has the content for the first module.
        ◦ CT We could create "components" that could be made freely available
        ◦ VM Most companies of a certain size would subscribe to large training service companies
            ▪ therefore either we provide our content to a professional training company
            ▪ or OW2 could provide the content to training company for additional revenue (percentage of subscription fees)
        ◦ MJ What license do we consider? There the Software Compliance Academy in Germany
            ▪ CP Good idea to work with third party
            ▪ MJ To detail what and how the content should be provided to be turned into a training.
            ▪ Software Compliance Academy is a “federation of experts” who have put together training cursus in their area of expertise
        ◦ CP How about having some content “endorsed” by OW2
        ◦ VM It would very odd to have some content created under the aegis of OW2 and not being endorsed by OW2!
            ▪ Or perhaps having the content made available on one hand and on another promote a list of “trainers”
        ◦ MJ There may be some IP issues with the tools that would be covered in the training
            ▪ see the LF IP policies
        ◦ CT Still work to do on that topic: finalize the syllabus, work on the delivery channel.

G2I Technical Resources
    • GitLab, XWiki, NextCloud/Collabora
    • Must register on the OW2 website to create an account
        ◦ Log into the GitLab
        ◦ Then send your username to Cedric to be invited into the initiative group

    • Cedric doing final cleanup now
    • Please review the charter and send comments/questions to the mailing list
    • OW2 board will be asked to vote by mail when the charter is cleaned up (soon!)

g2i or ggi?
    • NT: g2i, VMB & CP: no preference
    • CT: preference for ggi; folks seem not to like the 2 in ow2
    • Decision: ggi. Woo! Resolved!

ggi logo
    • Current logo created by ow2 webmaster
    • VMB did check out Open Source Design see: https://gitlab.ow2.org/g2i/g2i/issues/1
        ◦ CT: Too much uncertainty, don’t pursue this further
    • Let’s continue with current logo, just change to correct ow2 colours and maybe tweak to be a little more modern

    • Will be a virtual event on June 17-18th
    • Had been planning to use the Orange technical resources, but now must find alternative
        ◦ Orange is still one option but highly depending on when lock down will end
        ◦ A FOSS solution is a second option
            ▪ Rocket.Chat
            ▪ OBS
            ▪ Broadcast on YouTube Live
    • Ask all speakers to record their talks & send by end of May
        ◦ instructions will be sent to speakers next week
    • Governance session
        ◦ Had planned originally for a half day w/multiple sessions
        ◦ Will now have ggi event on June 18th
        ◦ Planned for 6 talks, will now have 8
    • Additional f2f community day on Nov 3
        ◦ this date because of availability of the Orange conference center