zoom web conferencing


Cedric Thomas,
Christian Paterson,
Daniele Gagliardi,
Nicolas Toussaint,
Philippe Carre,
Pierre Levy,


1- Discuss what we hope to deliver by June.
2- Review technical resources.
3- Initiative logo.
4- Initiative positioning relative to comparable efforts around the world.
5- OSPO definition (align with Todo group?)
6- AOB.

Action items

  • Nicolas Toussaint to start a draft of what subjects might be good to include on the compliance training syllabus ; Pierre-Levy OK to join 1st call.
  • VMB: Reach out to Open Source Design about the logo
  • Decide on the acronym "GGI" or "G2I" or other ? ;-)


1- Discuss what we hope to deliver by June.

  • Event planning
    • Currently still on track for June 17-18
    • Will make final go/no-go decision 3 weeks in advance (May 27)
  • What will we deliver by June?
    • Press release, probably a minimum
    • Roadmap/action plan in place
    • Aim at listing deliverable, tools
    • Even on a small scale,
    • CP: maybe a "training program" for a compliance officer?
      Get non-legal people trained w/in the org for compliance
      Is there a model for this compliance officer yet? And is there a model for the training?
      Copyright, IP, using compliance tools, etc
      All very practical & could help orgs
    • CT: Blueprint for a training program?
      Then workgroups to fill in the spaces?
      Maybe "audit" what already exists out there, let us not reivent the wheel
    • VM: training syllabus, there could be several levels, not just "officer" but coiuld ala be just a person in a team who is more knowledgeable, there is a dramatic lack of knowledge wrt compliance,
    • Target: training normal people to be go-betweens between developers and legal team
    • CT: Different levels of training?
      Officer: w/in OSPO
      Team SME: more than basic training
    • CP: Realistic to have a framework syllabus by June?
      VMB & CT: Yes, realistic by June if aiming for outline & plan for how to move forward from there
    • CT: Take offline to email to continue the conversation
  • What else for June?
    • Training program will be one example deliverable
    • Working with the TODO grous, partiicpating in their workgroups
  • Outreach w/in EU?
    • Talk to OFE? Others? How do we approach this?
    • CT: Do we want to involve the EC? DGIT? CP: Or are there any reasons why we would not?
    • FSFe ? Initial talks done last year; they like the idea. REUSE project best practices.
    • OUK ? OFE ?
    • CT to discuss with Gijs Hillenius
    • CT: Decide on a roadmap first, THEN go talk to these people
      VMB: +1
      CP : +1
    • Roadmap & syllabus are the primary deliverables for June 

2- Review technical resources

3- Initiative logo

  • There's a draft of a logo on the private wiki
  • Please have a look!
  • If you have logo creation urges, feel free to indulge them
  • We need it by June
  • VMB: Have we reached out to Open Source Design?
    • CT: Not yet

4- Initiative positioning relative to comparable efforts around the world.

  • CT: CP seems to concentrate on the TODO Group
  • CP: TODO provides a definition of OSPO. It makes sense to work with the ToDo group on refining this.
  • CT: Woiuld suggest to start with their definition
  • CP: G2I should play a role (having a "voice") in the ToDo group's evolving definition; help bring the european perspective + perspective from non-profit organisations such as City of Paris ... and then it makes sense for G2I to align its work (as much as possible) to this "concensus" view of OSPO.
  • VM: I'm part of TODO group, OSPO definition drafted  by Chris A (LF), very much focused on the for-profit world, does not cover all the territory it could,

5- OSPO definition (align with Todo group?)
(the following notes moved from the beginning of the call to this position to reflect agenda)

  • CP: OSPO definition discussion. OK to align with TODO group. It would be great to see a core/common definition that also allows a degree of flexibility in implemntation. With "optional" extras that organisations/companies could implement/modify etc.
  • GGI could be a forum to address concrete need w/others
  • Need to distinguish between "theoretical" excercises which help deepen OSPO maturity and "concrete" deliverables that give immediate value back to our sponsors.
  • Example
    • Theoretical: Work with ToDo group to expand and refine OSPO definition, including "core" missions.
      Concrete : Create FOSS catalogue that speaks to less technical colleagues. One lesson from the Accossibility inititaive is that participants expect tangible results/tools/Software.
    • "How do we find good open source solutions and how do we judge them?"
    • Come up with a sort of a framework

Items to be discussed at next call:

  • Financial mechanism, budget scenarios (upfront vs. on-demand for example; everyone vs. volunteer sponsors; ... ?).
  • OSPO discussion
  • Apr 23 (same zoom link as today): https://l.ow2.org/g2i