zoom web conferencing


    Cedric Thomas (OW2)
    Karsten Reincke (D.Telekom)
    Philippe Carre (Nokia)
    VMBrasseur (Juniper Networks)
    fredaatz (Microsoft)
    Pierre Levy (City of Paris)
    mchn3500 (Oliver, Siemens)
    Yury Glikman (Fraunhofer)



  • Share ideas, questions, experience, concerns around managing FOSS (incl. compliance)
  • Build more awareness around large users/system integrators: creating, using, & contributing to FOSS
    Goals of this meeting:
  • Common understanding of what we'd like to do
  • Develop initial action plan, aiming to launch this initiative at OW2con in June
  • Build / establish our roadmap around this initiative


  • Karsten Reincke, principal OSS adviser deutsch Telekom, interested in set of jointly elaborated documents, set of tools
  • Philippe Carre (Nokia Open Source Initiative); part of FOSS assessment team reviewing outbound contributions
  • VM Brasseur Helping companies with their OSS strategies, cuurently at Juniper, inbound-outbound lic, 
  • Frederic Aatz Proxy for OSPO in Redmond, we have some work to do with OSS governance in large organization in Europe/France
  • Pierre Levy: using FOSS for ~22yrs; Paris produces FOSS & has released many projects; interested in launching an OSPO for Paris & collaborating w/other cities
  • Oliver Fendt: governance owner of FOSS at Siemens (runs "OSPO", but it's a decentralised thing), inbound, outbound, & contributions
  • Yury Glikman: Deputy head of department for digital services; dev'ing software for working w/data (esp. for public sector), most solutions are FOSS, member of OW2 BoD

G2I Charter:

  • Initiative of OW2 to address a market concern (FOSS governance)
    • Go beyond compliance & raise awareness in large users so they can become good FOSS citizens
    • Prep work done driven by Christian Paterson
    • Progress / Status since last call
  • Step 1: create a charter for the initiative
  • Question re: clarity of privacy of the meetings
    • "No NDA, Chatham House rules" -> ? Changing for clarity:
      • No NDA, 
      • Meetings ruled under Chatham House Rule
      • No legal transfer of copyright, branding or otherwise
      • All docs published CC BY SA

Question: Who's the audience for this charter?

  • Documents that kicks off the initiative (commits OW2, not the participants)
  • Accessible by anyone interested in the initiative
  • Doesn't preclude from developing other marketing docs

Question re: licensing of the docs:

  • CC BY SA 2.0…?
  • Possible to do 4.0 instead? Would allow it to be consistent with opensource-compliance-tooling.
  • Agreed: CC BY SA 2.0 or any future version

Next step:

  • Updated charter to be approved by board of OW2 dir (March 19th)  - Report back on the call March 26th
  • Cedric will publish charter v3.02 and move the motion for approval by the OW2 board on the March 19th meeting.
    Good governance initiative slide deck:
  • Quick marketing exercise to introduce the initiative
  • https://www.ow2.org/download/OSS_Governance/WebHome/2002-Good-Governance-initiative.pdf
  • Please share these slides w/anyone who might be interested
  • Can iterate on the slides as needed Cedric will share the .odp

Question/Comment: BoD agrees in March, need to be clear about what we hope to deliver by June

  • Will develop a plan for that
  • To be discussed at next call or asynchronously on the mailing list

Todo for the next agenda:

  • Aiming for an initial launch/press release in April or May 2020
  • Face2face meetings on June 17-18 @OW2'con
  • Cedric will drive the "backoffice" of this initiative / laying the ground
  • Something to discuss later: How does this initiative coordinate/overlap with/complement other efforts around the world?

Technical resources:

  • Mailing list
  • Have user management so can create a group to manage access/collaboration
  • Will need to set up a private wiki for initiative members for sharing/collaboration
  • Todo list in the issue tracker (Gitlab)

    • Not set up yet but will be soon
  • Will set up wiki in next week
  • Will set up Collabora Office docs
  • Will publish an entry points for all these, naturally

Financial model:

  • Just in case, ya know, you feel like sending some resources to the initiative. ;-)
  • OW2 resources include:

    • Annual dues
    • Sponsorship for specific events
  • Currently there's a single pool of money; directing money to a specific initiative is an exception but not a problem
    • Can do this by having some activities being sponsored (such as the initiative)
    • Can send a sponsorship agreement if someone would like to sponsor this initiative
  • Very flexible and lightweight model
  • Cedric will add this financial model to the motion to the BoD for the March 19th meeting
  • Budget

    • Currently have no draft budget for the initiative
    • OW2 will provide technical resources for free, of course
    • Budget will be determined later (printing, travel, booth) as needed
    • Still very early in the process