Keynote speakers

Ignacio Llorente, OpenNebula.

Ignacio M. Llorente, Ph.D in Computer Science (UCM) and Executive MBA (IE Business School), is a Full Professor in Computer Architecture and Technology and the Head of the Distributed Systems Architecture Research Group at Complutense University of Madrid, and Chief Executive Advisor and co-founder of C12G Labs, a technology start-up. He has 17 years of experience in research and development of advanced distributed computing and virtualization technologies, architecture of large-scale distributed infrastructures and resource provisioning platforms. His current research interests are mainly in the area of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Cloud Computing, co-leading the research and development of the OpenNebula Toolkit for Cloud Computing and coordinating the Activity on Management of Virtual Execution Environments in the RESERVOIR Project, main EU funded research initiative in virtualized infrastructures and cloud computing. He founded and co-chaired the Open Grid Forum Working Group on Open Cloud Computing Interface; and participates in the European Cloud Computing Group of Experts and in the main European projects in Cloud Computing.

Jean-Bernard Stefani, INRIA.\

Randy Bias, Cloudscaling.

Randy is the expert cloud providers like VMware, KT, EngineYard, Internap, and GoGrid consult when they need help. His independent cloud engineering services ?rm, Cloudscaling, advises Fortune 500 companies like Kaiser Permanente on cloud strategy. Randy has driven innovations in infrastructure, IT, Operations, and 24×7 service delivery since 1990.  He was the technical visionary on the executive team of  GoGrid &  ServePath, a  major cloud computing provider.  Prior to GoGrid, he built the world’s ?rst multi-cloud, multi-platform cloudmanagement framework at CloudScale Networks, Inc. Randy is recognized as one of the top cloud bloggers and twitterers and won a 2009 ‘Cloudie‘ award for Most In?uential Cloud Blogger. The Cloudscaling blog has tens of thousands of page views every month and is widely referenced in the cloud world Randy’s innovative open licensing of the GoGrid API inspired many others to open license their cloud APIs including Sun Microsystems, Rackspace Cloud, and VMware. Randy is a cloud computing thought leader who is frequently asked to present and participate on panels at technology conferences.

Denis Caromel, INRIA Professor and ActiveEon founder.

Denis Caromel is full professor at University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis and CNRS-INRIA. Denis is also co-founder and scientific adviser to ActiveEon, a startup dedicated to providing support for CLOUD Computing. His interests include parallel, concurrent, and distributed computing, in the framework of GRID and CLOUD. Denis Caromel gave many invited talks on Parallel and Distributed Computing around the world, over (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Berkeley, Stanford, ISI, USC, Electrotechnical Laboratory Tsukuba,Sydney, Oracle-BEA EMEA, Digital System Research Center in Palo Alto, NASA Langley, IBM Tom Watson and IBM Zurich, Boston HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, MIT, Tsinghua in Beijing, Jiaotong in ShangHai). He acted as keynote speaker at several major conferences (including Beijing MDM, DAPSYS 2008, CGW'08, Shanghai CCGrid 2009, IEEE ICCP'09, ICPADS 2009 in Hong Kong, WSEAS in Taiwan). Recently, he gave two important invited talks at Sun Microsystems HPC Consortium (Austin, Tx), and at Devoxx (gathering about 3500 persons). http://www-sop.inria.fr/oasis/caromel/ \

Conference Speakers

Florent Benoit, Bull S.A.S.

Florent Benoit is leading the development of the OW2 EasyBeans EJB3 container and is one of the key developers of OW2 JOnAS Java EE application server. Florent is an expert in Java EE, and has developed critical JOnAS components. He received a master of Computer Science from the University of Grenoble (France). Florent is a member of the EJB 3.1 and Java EE 6 expert group and is a speaker at some european java conferences.

Cédric Carbone, CTO, Talend.

Cédric Carbone is Talend's Chief Technical Officer (since the creation of Talend) and OW2 Board Member (since the creation of OW2). He leads the technical team (100 people located in France, USA and China) and stay at the Talend steering committee and OW2 Board and is member of OW2 Cloud Expert Group and OW2 BI Initiative. Prior to joining Talend in 2006, he managed the Java practice at Neurones, a leading systems integrator in France. Cédric has also lectured at several universities on technical topics such as XML or Web Services. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science and an advanced degree in Document Engineering.

Pierre Chatel, Thales Communications.

Pierre CHATEL is an R&T Software Engineer at Thales Communications who contributes to the CHOReOS FP7 UE project. He graduated from Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris VI) University with a PhD Thesis in Computer Science in 2010. During his PhD, he worked in the LIP6 laboratory of Paris VI and, at the same time, in the SC2 laboratory at Thales Land & Joint Systems under a 'CIFRE' grant from ANRT. There, he had the opportunity to contribute to the SemEUsE ANR project. The subject of his thesis is 'A qualitative approach for decision making under non-functional constraints during agile service composition'. Pierre was also a teacher in Master of Computer Science at University Vincennes - Saint Denis (Paris VIII) in the field of distributed computing from 2007 to 2009, and a research engineer at LIP6 in 2010.

Bruno Cornec, HP.

Bruno Cornec has been managing various Unix systems since 1987 and Linux since 1993 (0.99pl14). Bruno first worked 8 years around Software Engineering and Configuration Management Systems in Unix environments. Since 1995, he is Open Source and Linux (OSL) Technology Architect and Evangelist, initially for an HP reseller and now for Hewlett Packard directly in the HP/Intel Solution Center. Bruno is also HP OSL Profession Lead for EMEA and OSL Advocate. Bruno is a contributor in various OSL projects: MondoRescue, Mandriva, LinuxCOE, Tellico, FOSSology, Fedora, rinse, collectl, Pause. He is also project leader for MondoRescue (GPL disaster recovery solution), project-builder.org (GPL build service). As part of his work he has made numerous presentations for Solution Linux in France, Libre Software Meeting, NordU, Linux World UK, Linux Expo Milano, Linux.Conf.au, OSCON, Linux Symposium, Fosdem around various topics (High Availability, Deployment solutions, System management, Disaster Recovery...) Outside computers, Bruno also likes early music, singing and playing the recorder.

Teodor Danciu, Jaspersoft.

Teodor Danciu is the founder and architect of the JasperReports library, the most popular open source reporting tool, and is now working for Jaspersoft. Before joining Jaspersoft, Teodor worked for almost 9 years with several French IT companies as a software engineer and team leader on ERP and other medium-to-large database-related enterprise applications using mainly Java technologies and the J2EE platform. Teodor has a degree in computer science from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

Bruno Dillenseger, France Telecom Orange Labs.

Bruno Dillenseger is a computing scientist and engineer. He has been working during the past 18 years in the area of distributed computing middleware. His contributions range from academic papers to code in open source projects. Since 2002, he is leading OW2's (formerly ObjectWeb) CLIF project, providing a highly adaptable Java framework for load testing. With this orientation 1 P stands for slide-based presentation, D for demonstration and L for lab (hands-on performed by participants)2 expected duration in minutes

Jeremie Doucy, Cassidian.

Jérémie Doucy was born in 1982 in France. He joined Cassidian, An EADS Company (previously named EADS Defence & Security) in 2007 as a research engineer in the Information Processing, Control and Cognition department which mainly works on media mining. He is one of the active developers of the WebLab open source platform which joined OW2 consortium in August 2009. His research focuses on Semantic Services Composition, Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus and more generally on Semantic Web technologies and media mining. He participated in European and French research projects, such as WebContent, Vitalas, E-Wok Hub and recently joined Virtuoso and SAIMSI.

Ludovic Dubost, XWiki.

A graduated of PolyTech (X90) and Telecom School in Paris, Ludovic Dubost starts his career as software architect at Netscape Communications Europe. Then he joins NetValue as CTO, one of the first French start-up that went public. He leaves NetValue after the purchasing of it by Nielsen/NetRatings and then he launches XWiki in 2004. 

Clement Escoffier, akquinet A.G.

Clement Escoffier is a Solution Architect in the Modular and Mobile Solutions competence center of the akquinet AG. He is working on providing complete solutions for the development, deployment, management and evolution of modular applications crossing the IT department boundaries. His interests go from the build process and software quality and tracking management to the deployment and update process of complex systems. He is a Apache Felix PMC member and leads the Apache Felix iPOJO project and the OW2 Chameleon project. He received a PHD in software engineering from the University of Grenoble in 2008. 

Raphaël Ferreira, eNovance.

Raphaël is Associate Director in charge of strategy and sales development at eNovance. Raphael has more than 10 years experience in hosting and managed services of critical applications. He worked on many projects for internationals companies like Cegetel, Sodexho, France Telecom, Air Liquide... Since 3 years, Raphael is at the head of eNovance which is a  managed services hosting provider specializing in :

  • Complex & Criticals applications
  • OpenSource & Opencloud technologies
  • High Availability & High Performance solutions

Pierre-Yves Gibello, PetalsLink.

Pierre-Yves Gibello is a senior consultant at PetalsLink (developer of Petals, an open-source ESB/SOA platform and OW2 project), and manages a PetalsLink facility based in Grenoble, France. He is an active OW2 supporter until the early beginning, and OW2 board member for 9 years. At PetalsLink, Pierre-Yves is the main developer of Presto components, and committer on ADULLACT's Presto kit. In his previous life, Pierre-Yves has lead his own company for 10 years, after 6 years as a software engineer at groupe Bull and INRIA research center.

Hao Kong, Beijing Software Testing & QA Center.

Hao Kong is the project manager of Open Source Software Lab in BSTQC (Beijing Software Testing & QA Center, the professional third-part testing company which have devoted a mass of resource to open source software testing). Main area is open source software testing, testing tools and testing methods. Has experience on operation system testing, database testing and mid-ware application server testing, such as Suse, Red Hat and Red Flag linux. And he also did the job of co-developing for testing tools with other companies.

Christophe Hamerling, PetalsLink.

Christophe Hamerling is Research Engineer on Service Oriented Architecture Projects at PetalsLink, a French Open Source SOA Software Editor and active OW2 member. Christophe is currently working on European Research projects such as SOA4All (http://soa4all.eu) as main Developer and Architect of the large scale distributed SOA infrastructure involving OW2 based middleware technology such as OW2-Petals Enterprise Service Bus and OW2-ProActive Framework. Christophe is also OW2-Petals SOA product family core commiter and focus his technology interests on Distributed/Cloud Computing, Open Source and Java stuff. His next challenge : Leading PetalsLink Cloud activity to enable SOA in the Cloud. Christophe shares his technology life (and more) on http://chamerling.org and on http://twitter.com/chamerling

Petr Hnetynka, Charles University Pragues.

Petr Hnetynka is an assistant professor with the Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,Charles University in Prague. His research specialization includes component-based software systems and service-oriented architecture. He is the co-leader of the SOFA 2 project, which aims at providing a framework for development and deployment of systems built from components. Recently, he has participated in the ITEA projects OSMOSE and OSIRIS and European FP7 project Q-ImPrESS.

Jeremi Joslin, eXo Platform.

Jérémi Joslin is a computer science engineer based in France. He is currently a developer evangelist for eXo Platform. Previously, he was the product manager for eXo Social, the company's implementation of the OpenSocial API, and also managed eXo's office in Vietnam. He has also worked on wiki technology at XWiki and prior to that, sports training software at Enora Technologies. Jérémi organized the first Barcamp and OpenSocial Hackathon in Vietnam and has presented at multiple conferences and events such as JavaPolis, Barcamp Paris, cmf2007, Google DevFest in SEAsia and Gtug Shanghai. Jérémi has a master's degree in computer science from Dalian Institute of Light Industry (China) and is a graduate of the European Institute of Technologies. 

Jan Kofron, Charles University Pragues.

Jan Kofron is an assistant professor with the Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. His research specialization includes specification and verification of software component behavior, and formal verification of software both at the level of models and code. Recently, he has participated in the Component reliability for the Fractal component model project funded by France Telecom and the European FP7 project Q-ImPrESS.

Serge Lacourte, ScalAgent.

Serge Lacourte is cofounder of ScalAgent Distributed Technologies. He is the manaaging director of the company. He is particularly in charge of the overall strategy and the sales effort of ScalAgent Distributed Technologies. He as notably been involved in the decision of making the Joram project open-source. Prior to founding ScalAgent, Serge Lacourte served as research and development manager in Bull S.A for several years, in collaboration with academic research institutes. He has worked on successive short term and focused projects, with the objective of transferring research results to the industrial partner products. He still conducts R&D projects for ScalAgent DT. Serge Lacourte graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (84) and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France.

Samuel Langlois, Antelink.

Samuel Langlois recently joined Antelink, an INRIA spin-off, providing software for software developers. Before that, Samuel worked 10 years at ILOG, another former INRIA start-up bought by IBM two years ago. He notably managed the "software factory" of its leading product, bringing it to a state-of-the-art build, with continuous integration, Maven build and centralized repository of artifacts. 

Philippe Merle, INRIA.

Philippe MERLE is a senior researcher at INRIA in the ADAM research-team. He obtained its PhD thesis in 1997 at the University of Lille. Its research covers software engineering and middleware for adaptable distributed applications. He is involved in OW2 since its first days. He was the president of the OW2 College of Architects (ex Technical Council). He is the leader of three OW2 projects: FraSCAti, Fractal, and OpenCCM. Currently, its main involvement is on the OW2 FraSCAti project, which targets the next generation of SOA runtime platforms.

Sandro Morasca, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria in Como and Varese, Italy.

Sandro Morasca is a Professor of Computer Science at the Università degli Studi dell'Insubria in Como and Varese, Italy. In the past, he was an Associate Professor and Assistant Professor at the Politecnico di Milano in Milano, Italy. He was a Faculty Research Assistant and later a Visiting Scientist at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Maryland at College Park. Sandro Morasca has been actively carrying out research in the Software Engineering field in Empirical Software Engineering, Specification of Concurrent and Real-time Software Systems, Software Verification, and Open Source Software, and has published more than 20 journal papers and 70 conference papers. Sandro Morasca has been involved in a number of national and international projects. He currently is the Leader of the activity related to the trustworthiness of Open Source Software in the QualiPSo project, financed by the European Union. Sandro Morasca has served on the PC of a number of international software engineering conferences and on the editorial board of "Empirical Software Engineering: An International Journal," published by Springer-Verlag. 

Richard Nicholson, Paremus.

Richard is CEO and Founder of Paremus; a UK OSGi private-cloud software vendor. Richard is a member of the OSGi Alliance Board and is currently leading the 'Cloud - OSGi convergence' RFP for the Alliance. Richard maintains keen interest in a number of research areas including Recovery Oriented techniques, Complex Adaptive System design and Self Organized-Criticality. He is specifically interested in the application of such concepts to next generation distributed system design. Prior to founding Paremus, Richard headed the European System Engineering function for Salomon Smith Barney/Citigroup. Richard graduated from Manchester University with Honors in Physics and went on to gain an Astrophysics doctorate from the Royal Greenwich Observatory. Richard's blog 'Adapt and Evolve' can be found at: http://adaptevolve.paremus.com/.

Karl Pauls, akquinet A.G.

Karl Pauls is the head of Mobile Applications and OSGi Development at akquinet AG. During the day he is busy with leading projects in the OSGi and mobile application space and at night he is a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). With more then six years experience, he is a long time OSGi enthusiast and commiter and member of the PMC of Apache Felix the OpenSource OSGi-Implementation from Apache. Recently, he is co-authoring the "OSGi in Action" book. 

Madhusudhana Rao; C-DAC.

Madhusudhana Rao Sriramagiri is employed in CDAC Chennai, heads the Cloud and Grid Project in the centre. He holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics. He has an experience of over 30 years in Software development in the domains of Telecommunications, Healthcare, Grid and Cloud.

Emmanuel Rias, Bull.

Emmanuel Rias started his professional carreer in 1998 on Baan ERP during one year and half. In 2000, he switched on J2EE standard and worked on several application servers as Weblogic, Websphere, JOnAS or JBoss. From 2003 and during three years he was consultant on J2EE and SOA architecture and started to develop a tool allowing to generate application code based on UML design. This tool was destinated to support MDA approach and support SOA services layers and was named NovaStudio. From 2007 he is in charge of NovaForge team, working to implement a complete forge based on Web 2.0 and allowing to support the collaborative services (GED, Bugtracking, Forum, Mailing List), support continuous integration, support the requirements tracability and integrates NovaStudio for the development aspect. 

Guillaume Sauthier, Bull S.A.S.

Guillaume Sauthier is currently holding a senior developer position in Bull where he is working on the OW2 JOnAS application server since 2003. He is now responsible of the JOnAS 5 OSGi architecture, ensuring a best usage of this technology. Guillaume is also fluent in WSDL and speaks XML from the time he's been involved in Apache Axis (the first), now he is a contributor on Apache Felix, iPOJO and CXF projects, without speaking about his daily work on OW2 projects (JOnAS, EasyBeans, …). OSGi is also on his skills board, being a power user of Felix and iPOJO for at least 4 years. He's been involved in the OW2 community since the beginning (since Objectweb in fact), being part of the technology council, helping on Opal, managing our Bamboo instance, proposing new tools for OW2, ...

Stefano Scamuzzo, Engineering.

Stefano Scamuzzo has been working in IT field since 1989. Initially involved in European research projects on hypertext technology, he then undertook the technical management of complex projects in several technological areas such as document and workflow applications, web based applications, enterprise portals and business intelligence applications. He is presently Senior Technical Manager in the Research and Innovation Division of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and member of the SpagoWorld Executive Board, mastering the domains of Service Oriented Architecture and Business Intelligence with a particular focus on open source solutions. He teaches training courses on Service Oriented Architecture at the Engineering Group ICT Training School in Italy. 

Jose Luis Serrano,independent consultant.

Mr Jose Luis Serrano is working on the study and implementation of new Business Methods, completing the Gaps between technology, budget and natural environment. He works with tools like Open Source software , ITIL, BPM, ISO standards and Co2 Calculators. He was working during 10 years for IBM spain (http://www.ibm.es) where he mades mainly technology and integration projects for Banking and industrial corporations. He left his position to start working as a freelance consultant for IT and consultancy companies to help them to develop strategies for customers that want to increase business efficiency. He develops projects as the consolidation of the IT infrastructure, human teams and business process of Fujikura automotive for Europe, Asia and central America (http://www.fujikura.co.jp), or the Integration of opensource technology projects with business process into a business ready and profitable solutions at Procbel (http://www.procbel.com).

Kailash Selvaraj, C-DAC.

Kailash Selvaraj is employed at CDAC, Chennai and has experience of around 5 years in Grid and Cloud computing. He holds a  B.Tech in Information Technology and pursuing M.S by research in Anna University, India. He previously handled tutorials in Various IEEE conferences, and lectures in universities and colleges. He holds considerable number of IEEE conference publications in Grid and Cloud computing. 

Alberto Sillitti, Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy.

Alberto Sillitti, Ph.D., PEng is Associate Professor at the Faulty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy. He holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering received from the University of Genoa (Italy) in 2005. He is involved in several EU funded projects related to Open Source Software in which he applies non-invasive measurement approaches. He has served as member of the program committee of several international conferences and as program chair of OSS 2007 in Limerick (Ireland). His research areas include open source development, agile methods, software engineering, non-invasive measurement, web services. He is author of more than 80 papers published in international conferences and journals. He currently is the Leader of the activity related to the trustworthiness of Open Source Software Process in the QualiPSo project, financed by the European Union. 

Charles Souillard, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder, BonitaSoft.

Charles leads the BonitaSoft product development organization. Charles coordinates with the Bonita community and users to define the product roadmap and is responsible for its execution. Prior to BonitaSoft, he was head of the Bonita core development team within Bull and has significant experience developing critical application with Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture technologies. Charles holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Polytech de Grenoble (France).

Hailong Sun, Beihang University.

Hailong Sun is an Assistant Professor with the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University , Beijing , China . He received his Ph.D. in Computer Software and Theory from Beihang University , and BS degree in Computer Science from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2001. His research interests include web services, service oriented computing and distributed systems. He is a member of IEEE and ACM.

Véronique Théault - Acpqualife.

Véronique Théault is Associate Director in charge of qualification offers. Rich experience of 11 years in IT companies, having held various positions in management development, Veronique Théault specializes in software testing. A challenge and a passion which led in 2002 to create and animate, with Marc Durupt, the company Qualife, specialized in the trades of the test.

Giulio Toffoli, Jaspersoft.

Patrice Truong van Nga, Ministère de l'Agriculture, de l'Alimentation, de la Pêche, de la Ruralité et de l'Aménagement du Territoire.

Patrice Truong van Nga is currently in charge of developing a source forge at the ministry of agriculture. He also practices some audits with Sonar. He recently joined OW2 as a contributor to the SQUAT project.

Wei Wang, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science (ISCAS).

Wei Wang received his Ph.D. in Computer Science (2010) from the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science (ISCAS). Currently he is a research assistant of ISCAS. His area of research is software engineering and distributed computing, with emphasis on middleware based distributed software engineering. His interests include the adaptive resource management in middleware, and high reconfigurable and manageable middleware architectures, and the validation of such techniques on real systems.

Yasha WANG, Peking University.

Yasha WANG, associate professor of National Engineering Research Center on Software Engineering, Peking University.Prof. Wang received his Ph.D. , MS and BS degree in Northeastern University, Shenyang, China, in 2003, 2000, and 1997 respectively. He started his research work in Peking University in April 2003, first as a postdoctoral researcher, and then assistant professor and associate professor. His research interest focus on software engineering, especially component based software development and software process. He has led and participated more than 7 national research projects involving the National Basic Research Program of China (973) , the High-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863), and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NFSC). He gained a National Progress Prize in Science and Technology (level 2) in 2005. He has published more than 20 papers in journals and conferences.

Gang Yin, National University of Defense Technology, China.

Gang Yin is a researcher in national university of defense technology who received his Ph. D degree in computer science in 2006. He has more than 10 years of experiences in distributed computing, information security and software engineering. He has participated as key member or chaired in more than 10 projects under the grants of 973 program, NSF program and 863 Program. He also serves as the general secretary for a grand 863 project and several international projects. He has authored more than 50 papers in academic journals and international conferences.

Dr. Minghui Zhou, Peking University.

Dr. Minghui Zhou is very interested in conducting research in summarizing system evolution data and improving the understanding and control of such systems. She has been leading a team to work on open source middleware for a long time, and looking for approaches to help global distributed development. Currently she is an associate professor in School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University