OW2 Annual Conference 2010

OW2 Business Intelligence Initiative

Slides of the presentations are available on the main program page.

Session Chair: Cédric Carbone, CTO, Talend & OW2 Board Member.  
Schedule: Thursday November 25, 2010 - 02:00pm - 03:30pm. 

Revitalizing OW2 BI Initiative: new participants and new activities

Schedule: 02:00pm - 02:30pm.
Speaker: Stefano Scamuzzo (IT Solution Architect, Engineering S.p.A., SpagoBI International Manager and OW2 BI Initiative Technical Coordinator) and Cédric Carbone, CTO, Talend.
Abstract: The OW2 BI Initiative aims at fostering a business ecosystem in the Business Intelligence domain. After two years of activity, the Initiative participants learned the following lessons:
- the OS BI market is mature and OW2 OS BI is in the real position to compete with proprietary BI offering as well
- the extension of OW2 members to USA, thanks to the inclusion of Open Solution Alliance, offers a further chance to the BI Initiative with new participants, as JasperSoft
- in order to optimize the participant effort, we must focus the initiative both on technical aspects and on marketing activities
This lead to a series of activities intended to revitalize and reshaping the Initiative
The conference will present:
- the new shape of the OW BI Initiative (roadmap, goal, participants, OW2 Initiative Blog, ...)
- Best of breed integrated OS BI scenarios with SpagoBI, Talend Data Quality, JasperSoft BI Suite and Ingres


Embeddable Open Soure3 BI for Cloud or on-Premise

Schedule: 02:30pm - 03:00pm.
Speaker: Theodor Dianciu, Jaspersoft.
Abstract:  Jaspersoft’s Open Source BI projects have been successfully used by thousands of java community developers for over 8 years. With nearly 12 million downloads, JasperReports, iReport and JasperServer projects are leading BI Open Source solutions. Teodor will provide an overview of our community projects and discuss/demo our recent efforts and technology in OW2’s BI and Cloud Initiatives.


WebLab:   How an information processing platform can be used for Business Intelligence.

Schedule: 03:00pm - 03:30pm.
Speaker: Jérémie Doucy, Cassidian.
Abstract:  WebLab, multimedia semantic intelligence platform built using OW2 components. Solution presentation and demonstration.
The WebLab is an open source platform aiming at providing intelligence (business, strategic, military...) solutions and any other applications that need to process multimedia data (text, image, audio and video). Open source since March 2008 and OW2 project since 2009, it integrates other OW2 projects like PEtALS (an Enterprise Service Bus) and external open sources projects such as Lucene search engine (through the SolR server) and Gate text processing tool. This platform is service oriented and provides a common model and multiple generic services interfaces. Thanks to this standardization and its high architecture agility, WebLab applications are designed to face media mining processing challenges integrating the most advanced processing components from academic laboratories as well as established commercial on the shelf software components. With the emergence of new medias (hidden Web, forums, blogs, audio and video streaming, social networks …) Business and Strategic Intelligence needs advanced tools to process this new sources of information. WebLab does not only provide this tools, but also user interfaces to find, manage, visualize and manipulate information extracts from this complex processing in order to tackle the complete intelligence cycle from collection to diffusion.