Apr 07 2009

*Beihang University students win first OW2 programming contest*

A team of students from Beihang University (Beijing, China) are the winners of the first Programming Contest organized by the OW2 Consortium. The winning submission is a remarkable Web 2.0 BPM editor development for the OW2 Orchestra project.

The OW2-Scilab Award Ceremony, was held at Guizhou Normal University on Sept. 18-20, 2009,in Guyang, Guizhou Province, China and was colocated with the OSSC 2009 (International Workshop on Open-source Software for Scientific Computation).

Click here to access to the *Programming Contest web site*: http://www.ow2.org/view/Events2009ProgrammingContest/. and visit the photos album of the Contest Ceremony available on this page.  

This first OW2 Programming Contest has been organized this year in China by OW2 in cooperation with Scilab (the open source platform for numerical computation), LIAMA (Beijing Institute of Automation), Guizhou Normal University and the OW2 China Local Chapter.Aimed at promoting OW2 and the spirit of open source among academic institutions in China, the competition offered students the opportunity to demonstrate their software programming talents on OW2 open source middleware.