Mar 05 2010

A team of students from Peking University (Beijing, China) are the winners of the second Programming Contest organized by the OW2 Consortium. The winning submission is a remarkable tracking system for collaborative development.

Full results of the contest are available on this page.

Once again in 2010, OW2 and Scilab are organizing a joint open source programming contest. The purpose of the competition is to develop awareness for the OW2 code base among students and technicians, and to provide an opportunity for contestants to demonstrate their talent in computer programming. What's more, the contest aims at promoting teamwork and the ability of college students in science and technology to study and use OW2 open source projects. Based on principles of "freedom, sharing and creativity", and aiming at improving international communication and cooperation, the competition is overseen by IT professionals and academics from Europe and China.

This year, as a unique complement to the programming contest, a corporate networking event is organized for sponsors and their guests with the theme: Open Source, Open for Business.

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  • March 1st Contest Launch
  • April 18th (extended) Deadline for topic submission
  • June 30th (extended) Deadline for contestant registration
  • Aug 25th Deadline for code submission
  • Sep. 15th Contest results announced
  • Sep. 23th Corporate networking event
  • Sep. 24-26 Award conference Ningxia University


Call for topics

Project leaders are kindly requested to submit their contests topics now. This year we are looking for two categories of topics:
  • topics for masters and PhD students, similar to last year's
  • simpler, shorter topics for undergraduate students

    We would be grateful if you could send your topic proposal by 8 April (deadline extended) to with the following information:
  • Title:
  • Keywords, project:
  • Description: (max 5 lines)
  • Project contact person(s) and e-mail(s):
  • Estimated workload (in man month):
  • Topic type (undergrad versus mater/PhD):

Why sponsor the OW2 Programming Contest

Sponsoring the OW2 programming contest offers a great opportunity for visibility and exposure to the global open source community at competitive and affordable rates.

Develop your brand and relationship with the OW2 open source community and ecosystem. Download the sponsorship prospectus.