Jun 19 2009

Open World Forum\ "Free, Libre and Open Source Software at the Heart of the Digital Recovery"\ Paris 2009\ October 1-2\


The Open World Forum is the leading global summit bringing together decision-makers from across the world to discuss the technological, financial and social impact of open technologies. With 160 speakers from 20 countries, and a 1,200-strong international audience, the 2008 Edition of the Open World Forum has highlighted the influence that FLOSS will have on the implementation of tomorrow's major technological advances. See more at: http://openworldforum.org/.

Breaking news during Open World Forum: OSA (Open Solution Alliance) and OW2 announce plan to merge. See more or have a look at the related videos: Interview of Cédric Thomas, CEO of OW2 Consortium (in French language).\ Interview of Nick Halsey, Co-founder of Open Solutions Alliance and VP of Marketing and Product Management at Jaspersoft (in English language).\

OW2 is Community Partner of the event and will be actively present in the program:\

  • FLOSS Communities Summit\
  • OW2 Experience Day\
  • Open Innovation Summit\


    On october 1, OW2 will be presented together with OSA and the Apache, Linux and Eclipse foundations. The Trustie Community will also be presented by the OW2 Chinese Local Chapter.See more

    OW2 EXPERIENCE DAY, Oct. 2\ Download the detailed program.\ Click on the slideshare icons to download the presentations.

    The OW2 Experience Day is an Associate Event organized in the framework of the Open World Forum. The objective of this one-day track, based on real life experience in using OW2 projects, is to show how OW2 is actually helping end-users. We are planning for 6-8 presentations delivered by tandems of end-users and project leaders. See more

    Session title: OW2 Experience Day: Learn from real-life experience in using OW2 code.\ Session chair: Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO. \

    Presentation Title Speaker name(s) Presentation file
    OW2 and France Telecom: History, Usage and Perspectives. Alexandre lefebvre, France Telecom. Slideshare
    Aeliapedia: Knowledge Building with XWiki at AELIA. Ludovic Dubost, Xwiki & Jean Leroux, Aelia. Slideshare
    SpagoBI at the Italian Ministry of Health. Stefano Scamuzzo, Engineering. (PDF)
    Trustie and JO²nAS: lessons in integrating the OW2 application server in China. Zhao Junfeng, Pekin University Slideshare
    JOnAS for Allocation of State Funding to Local Government. Benoit Hericher, Ministry of Interiors and Benoit Pelletier, Bull. Slideshare
    Inter-Ministry exchange platform with Petals ESB. Sébastien Delayre, Logica.
    Telosys: how to industrialize an application migration (from client/server to the web)?: The Use Case of a large European security company, Laurent Guérin, SOGETI. Slideshare
    How to design a web application with Bonita, the open source BPM Solution? The use case of a large Telecom & Internet account in Spain. Rodrigue Le Gall, BonitaSoft. Slideshare


    This contest is open to start-ups from the Open Source sector.See more\ Some projects of the OW2 Community will raise the challenge:\ Bonita, presented by BonitaSoft\ Xwiki, presented by XWiki\ ProActive, presented by ActivEon.

    We are proud to announce that the three OW2 projects presented are in the list of 20 selected start-ups and BonitaSoft is among the 5 winners of the Award.

OW2 call for presentations\ We currently (end-July 2009) have 5 confirmed presentations and 7 proposal pending confirmation. You might still have a chance to grab a presentation slot. We are inviting you to submit a proposal. We are looking for joint presentations by project leaders and end-users dedicated to showing how OW2 projects are used by real-life companies. Presentations may include:

  • Production use of OW2 projects by end-users;
  • Systems integrators solutions deployed with OW2 projects;
  • Integration of OW2 projects in commercial offerings.

    Submit your presentation now!\


Submission format:

  • ABSTRACT (<200 words; why should you talk be selected...)
  • SPEAKER BIO (<150 words)

    Please use the online form above to submit your proposal.

    Deadline: July 15, 2009.