Sep 09 2008

The OW2 China Local Chapter has organized a number of presentations, meetings and visits in China between October 25 and November 1, 2008. OW2 was represented by Cédric Thomas (CEO), Alexandre Lefebvre (CTO) and Cherry Bian (China Coordinator). 

Here is a brief account of the OW2 China Tour: 

October 25, 2008 

Meeting: Participation in the OSS Camp in Beijing. See more at http://www.ow2.org/view/Events/BeijingOpenSourceCamp and http://www.opensourcecamp.org/ 

This was a successful event with dynamic Beijing open source fans. The presentation of OW2 raised a lot of interest judging by the discussions we had afterwards. This was also the occasion of two particular meetings:

Proactum of Finland, a company specilized in SOA architecture: Anneli Koivunen, Chairman, Antti Jokipii, CTO and Jouko Hyppönen, Senior Partner. 

Follow-up: Proactum is considering joining OW2. 

Peter CHENG, who is the organizer of the OSS Camp, and David LI, a long-time OW2 member and former ObjectWeb board member.

Follow-up: OW2 should be more visible in China. Communication efforts are not enough. An interview by a former ObjectWeb executive team member when OW2 was launched has been damaging for the image of the new consortium. We need to rectify that by highlighting the presence of prestigious Chinese academic organizations such as Pekin University, Beihang University, ISCAS and NUDT. Launch of the Chinese web site is urgent. They recommend communication on Slashdot, Techcrunch and the Xiaonei Chinese social network. Peter could also help with the translation of the OW2 Newsletter and the Web site.

October 27, 2008 

Meeting: TongTech in Beijing. Chunqin LI, CTO and Chuan Lin, Chief Architect OSS is a long-term strategy for Tongtech. 

Follow-up: They are slightly disappointed with the lack of visibility of OW2 in China and expect OW2 to be known on a broader scale, beyond the former Orientware members. They recommend to hook up with Chinese magazines and, for example, China Software Developer Network (www.csdn.net) and ComputerWorld China. Tongtech can help us with our communication. They also suggested that the Changfeng Alliance (www.changfeng.org.cn) could help host OW2 in China. We will follow-up on this with Andy Lee of eBridgeChina (http://www.ebridgechina.com) whom we already met a year ago. 

October 28, 2008

Meeting: Presentation at the IPA Forum in Tokyo. See more details and some photos at: http://www.ow2.org/xwiki/bin/view/Events/IPAForum

Meeting: Participation in the Signature Ceremony for the Establishment of the LIAMA Consortium in Beijing (see http://liama.ia.ac.cn/wiki/projects:news:signature)

October 29, 2008 

Meeting: China Local Chapter members in Changsha.

A) Trustie project. Presentation of two major components: Dr. LI Shuqiang of CVIC-SE gives a  presentation and demonstration of Trustie Collaboration Development Environment (CDE) and Prof. XIE Bing of Pekin University gives a presentation on Software Quality Evaluation Mechanisms and Software Asset Management. 

Follow-up: These software are both candidates to become OW2 projects and to complement the OW2 technical infrastructure. Next meeting of the Trustie board will validate which modules will be proposed as OW2 projects.

B) Mirror site: An alpha version of the OW2 Web site in Chinese is available. 

Follow-up: We will open the beta version to contributors who will check the translation. We have decided to move gradually and launch the Web site even if it is not perfect. We confirmed to CVIC-SE who is supporting the Web site that this is not a commercial delivery but a community effort which can afford to be imperfect. It is urgent to open this site to the Chinese community. 

October 30, 2008

Meeting: LuValley, the China Software Industry Base of Changsha which groups some 720 software companies including the leading producers of digital cartoons in China. We introduced OW2 and its code base to representatives of this community.

Follow-up: No particular follow-up. This was an evangelization meeting; it allowed us to verify one more time that software companies in China are still not familiar and not comfortable with the open source model.

November 1, 2008 

Meeting: Participation in the Award Ceremony of the 2008 Scilab programming contest, including an introduction to OW2 and the code base management. See more at http://www.ow2.org/view/Events/OSSScilabContest .

Meeting: LI Shi who is the organizer of the contest. Our plan is to organize a similar contest on the OW2 code base. We had many questions to LI Shi and we ended-up outlining what the OW2 contest might look like in the following aspects: Subjects/Content, Evaluation rules, Schedule, Logistics, Prizes and Sponsors, Promotion, Even identity and relationships with Scilab.

Follow-up: We will finalize the plan and announce the contest after board approval in December. The initial idea is that the OW2 will be a global contest (i.e. not limited to Chinese participants) and Scilab and OW2 will hold the it award ceremony jointly. The ceremony will take place in a Chinese town and will be supported by the local government and the local university. The actual location will be decided shortly by Scilab.