Jul 31 2008

~We received this from our friend Stefano de Panfilis at Engineering:~

Dear Colleague,

as announced in various previous occasions, NEXOF-RA is now opening the
first invitation to contribute, with us any many others colleagues in
the world, in building the NESSI Open Service Framework Reference

NEXOF-RA, the NESSI flagship Strategic Project within the EU Seventh
Framework Programme, is building an Open Reference Architecture for
service frameworks through a collaborative open process.
We invite you to join with leading actors from both industry and
academia, and contribute to this important community effort. In doing
so, you will influence and build the service architecture of the future
and give visibility to the results of your research and development.

We seek contribution at this time on the following topics:

 Core Service Framework Area
  - Service Description
  - Design Time Service Composition
  - Service Discovery
  - Interoperability of Message-Based Service Interaction

 User Interaction Area
  - Declarative Authoring Language for User Interfaces
  - Context Model and Universal APIs

 Infrastructure Area
  - Definition of Infrastructure Services

 Security Area
  - Dynamic identity management for SOA
  - Privacy Management in SOA

 Quality of Service Area
  - Scalable Approaches to Service Oriented Infrastructures
  - Highly Availability for Multi-Tier Architectures

For further information, please refer to the [attached document>http://www.ow2.org/xwiki/bin/download/Activities/EuropeLocalChapter/NESSI-RA-InvitationToContribute.pdf] or visit
our website, http://www.nexof-ra.eu/open_construction_process.

If you intend to join us and the others colleague in this effort, you
must register your interest by September 5th, 2008 following the
indication in the above link.

For those who will form this open team the kick-off meeting will be on
20-21 October 2008 hosted by the European Commission (further details
will follow) in Brussels.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further clarification on
the matter.


Stefano de Panfilis

NEXOF-RA Project Coordinator