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Philippe Aigrain of the Software Freedom Law Center has kindly agreed to organize a meeting between Eben Moglen, Executive Director of the SFLC, and "one of the world's most experienced GPL enforcers", and OW2 Members. 

This meeting took place in Paris, France, on Thursday, June 5, 2-4pm, on the premisses of the Sopinspace company. Were attending: 

  • Pierre-Yves Gibello (Experlog - OW2 Board Member)
  • Emmanuel Paret (FT - OW2 Strategic Member)
  • Olivier Thirard (FT - OW2 Strategic Member)
  • Bernard Lang (INRIA - OW2 Strategic Member)
  • Gabriele Ruffatti (Engineering - OW2 Strategic Member - OW2 Board Member)
  • Jean-Marie Chauvet (Venture Capitalist, Analyst - and OW2 Individual Member)
  • Cedric Thomas (OW2 CEO)

Already a couple of reviews by Pierre-Yves Gibello et Jean-Marie Chauvet

The meeting touched on several key IP issues relevant to the OW2 community. Here is a short synthesis based on my (CT) own notes, those of Pierre-Yves Gibello and Jean-Marie Chauvet, and a debriefing conference call with Pierre-Yves and Emmanuel Paret of Orange Group.