Future Internet Assembly, Greece


Dec 03 2013

Future Internet Assembly, March 18-20, Athens, Greece

The 11th Future Internet Assembly, an event supported by the European Commission, will take place from 18 to 20 March 2014 in Athens, Greece. \ OW2 is taking part in this event to foster its positioning in cloud computing and its open source approach. OW2 will be chairing one of the working sessions. The detailed program of the session will be pubished soon.

More on this session on the Future Internet Assembly website.

Session moderated by OW2

Does Open Source Matter in Cloud Computing and the Future Internet?Wednesday 19 March at 2:30pm


Join industry experts, technologists and open source practitioners in a lively discussion on the role of open source in the fast-paced cloud computing market.

While the market is dominated by proprietary cloud service vendors, open source technologies would appear to be driving innovation in cloud computing technologies. After years of treading on the heels of proprietary software in commoditized enterprise computing segments, open source is now creating value in areas such as virtualization, big data, infrastructure, cloud management, SDN/NFV, etc.

We know open source is defined by the ability to freely use, read, modify and distribute software code; but how does this apply in a cloud computing market where what is delivered is service, not software?

Cloud computing is being shaped, on one hand, by antagonistic forces between the open source approach pushing the boundaries of technology through collaborative innovation and, on the other, by proprietary strategies aimed at developing market positions and competitive advantages.

How do we define cloud computing openness? How do we define service interoperability? Will open source software matter in cloud computing? Where will open source fit? In which technology areas? In what role?

These questions are relevant not only for cloud computing but also for the Internet of the Future in general. Without doubt, a majority of Future Internet applications will run on cloud computing platforms.

This session will provide valuable long-term perspectives to strategists and practitioners, decision makers and technologists, vendors, users and investors. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to confront ideas and outline the landscape of cloud computing and future internet platform technologies.

Speakers at the session will include software and cloud service vendors, open source contributors as well as proprietary vendors. Such a diverse array of presenters and experiences will undoubtedly make for a spirited discussion.