Jun 11 2009

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Nov 16-20, 2009

Antwerpen, Belgium

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As a result of the CALL for presentations sent to the community, we gathered a list of 11 talks proposals of OW2 projects, which has been sent to the organizers. See the list: {OW2-Abstracts-DeVoxx09.pdf}

Let's wait now feedback from them!. 

Devoxx is probably the largest Java technical conference in Europe.
The Devoxx Conference days takes place from Wednesday November 18th till Friday 20th including BOFs and Quickies. 


Note that, this year again, there is NO official CALL. The Devoxx organizers only accept submisions for Quickies, BOFs and Tools in Action talks. Conference and University talks are hand picked by the Devoxx program committee; this is the reason why OW2 proceeds through an internal selection of its papers and provides a collective submission of papers related to its projects.

Last year, there were 3 talks related to OW2 projects accepted at Devoxx. We want to be proactive again this year and try to get even more proposals accepted. Our intention is to push at least 5-10 technical
presentations showcasing innovations in the OW2 code base or case studies.  

We are then inviting you to submit a proposal. This is your opportunity to present your project at Devoxx.

Organizers are looking for talks who might be of interest for Java developers
and focused on leading edge technologies and innovative projects. Presentations must be technical but we would recommend to include a short Use Case/ Success story part at the end of each presentation. 

Submission format:
- ABSTRACT (<200 words; why should you talk be selected...)
- SPEAKER BIO (<150 words)

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<a href="http://www.devoxx.com/display/DV09/Home">{devoxx09-small.jpg|alt=Devoxx}</a>

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<font size="+1">*Submit your presentation!*</font>

Please use the online form to submit your proposal. #includeMacros("Papers.Macros")
#set($category = "Presentation")
#set($event = "DeVoxx 2009")

#createSubmitDevoxx2009Paper($category $event)

~Deadline: 10 July, 2009.~

Please use the online form above to submit your proposal. 

Deadline: 10 July, 2009.