Jul 02 2008

Once again, OW2 is a partner in this major event for the Java community in Europe. We have a booth shared by six OW2 members and four presentations dedicated to OW2 projects. If you never heard of DeVoxx, suffice to say it's the new name of the JavaPolis event. 


December 8-12, 2008 at the Metropolis in Antwerp, Belgium.
See more on the [DeVoxx web site>http://www.javoxx.com/display/JV08/Home].
OW2 has signed for a Medium sponsorship.
We are convinced the OW2 community has interesting technology to show to DeVoxx attendees, we launched an internal call for papers. The enthusiastic response allowed us to send a {list of 21 abstracts from the OW2 community|OW2AbstractsForJavoxx08-v2.pdf}. We also suggested the DeVoxx organizers to set up an OW2 track (or at least an open source track as JavaOne had last May).

*OW2 presence at DeVoxx 2008 conferences:*

- {The OW2 Code Base - Component Models in Action|OW2ComponentsInActionDevoxx2008.pdf} (Partner talk) - Wednesday 10 December 2008.

Speakers : Gael Blondelle (Chairman of the OW2 Technology Council) and Alexandre Lefebvre (OW2 CTO).

Abstract of the talk :
This talk focuses on the architecture vision of OW2 Consortium. More specifically, it shows how component-based architectures built with Fractal and OSGi power the consortium code base.

- [Effective SOA + GRIDs with ProAcrtive Parallel Suite>http://www.javoxx.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1377847], by Denis Caromel, INRIA, friday Dec. 12.

- [The Process Virtual Machine, a revolutionary technology for BPM>http://www.javoxx.com/display/JV08/The+Process+Virtual+Machine%2C+a+revolutionary+technology+for+BPM], by Miguel Valdes Faura, Bull, thursday Dec. 11.

- [Dynamic deployment and scalability for the cloud (BoF Session)>http://www.javoxx.com/display/JV08/Dynamic+deployment+and+scalability+for+the+cloud], by Jerome Bernard, Elastic-Grid, monday Dec. 8.

*OW2 presence in DeVoxx Exhibition*: OW2 projects demonstrated on the OW2 village 

. Bonita and Orchestra (Business Process Management), by Bull.

. eXo platform (Portal), by eXo Platform.

. PEtALS  (Enterprise Service Bus), by EBM WebSourcing.

. Talend Open Studio (Data Integration), by Talend.

. Xwiki (wiki system) , by XWiki.

. ProActive (Entreprise Grids), by INRIA.

. Galaxy (SOA Platform), by INRIA.

*Report on OW2 participation to DeVoxx*

About the conference:

Around 45 DeVoxx visitors attended the OW2 partner talk.  The presentation was 45 minutes long, some interested people came on the booth afterwards.
For the others OW2 sessions: speakers were satisfied about the level of participation.

About the booth :

The booth size was small,  but good booth construction for members, open configuration. Thus members were satisified, they got  good visibility and interesting contacts; although  the OW2 welcome counter was a bit hidden behind the drink pod.

About the goodies and marketing actions :

- Beer & lottery price: successful operations, appreciated and largely used by visitors (especially for lottery price)

- Invitation cards for beer on the booth : was distributed at the end of conferences and session. The design of cards was appreciated by members.

- Caps : attendees seemed to like it, almost all have been distributed. 

- Design of members signs : very positive feedback from members.