May 04 2010

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~OW2 Open Source Corporate Event in China~
<H2 align="center">~Download the *{Brochure|OW2CorporateNetworkingBeijing.pdf}*~~\


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<span style="color:#ff6600;">*Open Source: Open for Business*</span>
<H3 align="center">September 21, 2010

Beijing, China.
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The OW2 Open Source Corporate Networking Meeting is an open source business executive event. It provides networking opportunities within the international open source community. OW2 is organizing it as a complement to the OW2 Programming Contest. The award ceremony of the Programming Contest will take place the same week, just after this Business networking meeting, on September 24-26, 2010 in Ningxia University.  

The Open Source Business networking event is a one day meeting that will feature: 

&bull; Mix of project presentations and business talks:

&bull; International meeting gathering participants Chinese and international;

&bull; Speakers and participants from universities, enterprises, administrations and journalists,

&bull; Improve international cooperation between Europe and China in the field of open source technologies;

&bull; Strengthen the cooperation between universities & industry;

&bull; Develop unique business opportunities.


The meeting is hosted by the prestigious *[BeiHang University>]*

XueYuan Road No.37, HaiDian District, BeiJing,China Tel:86-10-82317658.

For more info and speaking opportunities: please contact mo AT


9:00-9:15 Opening speech, ~Prof. Huai JinPeng, BeiHang University~

9:15-9:45 {Open Source Open for Business|OW2-CNM2010-CEO.pdf}, ~Cedric Thomas, OW2~

9:45-10:15 Coffee break and Demo time

10:15 *Case study workshop*

10:15-10:45 {France Telecom Open Source Strategy|AL-FT-OW2-CNM2010.pdf}, ~Alexandre Lefebvre, OW2~

10:45-11:15 Open Source Growth Strategy: the Talend Success Story,  ~Cédric Carbone, Talend~

11:15-11:45 {How Scilab Challenges Monopolies|ScilabCNM2010.pdf}, ~Prof. Hu Baogang, Scilab-Liama~

11:45-12:00 Case study workshop panel discussion

12:00 Lunch break

13:45 *Software quality workshop*

13:45-14:15 {The collaboration between OW2 and Trustie|TrustieCNM2010.pdf}, ~Liu Jiangning, CVIC-SE~

14:15-14:45 {Quality assurance for Open Source Projects|CSTCQualityAssuranceCNM2010}, ~Chen Luping, CSTC~

14:45-15:15 {Open source compliance toolset - FOSSology|FOSSologyNCM2010.pdf}, ~Dong Ma, HP~

15:15-15:30 Software quality panel discussion

15:30-16:15 Coffee break and Demo time

16:15 *Cloud computing workshop*

16:15-16:45 {The OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative|OW2-CNM2010-OSCi.pdf}, ~Alexandre Lefebvre, OW2, Yu Feng, INRIA~

16:45-17:15 {ONCE-PaaS: A PaaS Solution Stack 4 Cloudware|ONCECloudCNM2010}, ~Prof. Wei Jun, ISCAS~

17:15-17:45 {Towards Building a Cloud Platform for Service Oriented
Software Development|BUAACNM2010.pdf}, ~Sun Hailong,BUAA~

17:45-18:00 Cloud computing workshop panel discussion

18:00 Closing Session, debriefing and cloncluding remarks

18:30 - Cocktail and Gala dinner

*Sponsoring opportunities*

Sponsors of the OW2 Programming Contest are invited to give a presentation during this meeting and invite their partners. Take this great opportunity of global exposure to the open source community! For further sponsorship material please see the OW2 Programming Contest {sponsor document|SponsorInfoProgContest10-ct.pdf}.


If you wish to attend the OW2 Corporate Networking Meeting, just please send an email to management-office AT (or mo AT with the following informations (all entries required):

- First name and last name

- Company/ Organization

- Job Title

- Email address

- Country and City of residence

- Telephone number

- Do you need assistance with accomodation? Y/N

Email title: Registration to the OW2 Open Source Corporate Networking Meeting in Beijing on September 21.



All the prices are from Ctrip which is a trustworthy hotel and transportation reservation website with the reasonable price, cheaper than the price in the hotel. If you want to find more other hotels you can visit or 

Recommend Hotels:

*[Park Plaza Beijing Science Park>]* - 4 stars, from RMB384(all the prices exclude taxes and fees),6 mins by walk

. Standard room(three days advanced booking) RMB:384.00

. Superior room(three days advanced booking) RMB:415.00

. Standard room RMB:436.00

Address: No. 25, Zhi Chun Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Tel: (86 10) 82356699

*[Master Inn Beijing>]* - 2 stars, from RMB190(all the prices exclude taxes and fees), 5 mins by walk.

. Standard Room(Queen/King/Twin bed), RMB190.00, free internet

. Business Double Room(Twin bed), RMB285.00, free internet and two breakfast

. Business Queen Room(Queen/King bed), RMB 311.00, free internet and two breakfast

Address: No.38 Xue Yuan Road,Hai Dian District

Phone: (86 10)82320101

Fax: (86 10)82825381

*[Vision Hotel>]* - 5 stars, from RMB511(all the prices exclude taxes and fees), 8 mins by walk from conference center.

. Business Standard Room, RMB:511.00, free internet

. Deluxe Standard Room, RMB:590.00, free internet

. Excutive Standard Room, RMB:624, free internet and two breakfast

Address: 39 Xueyuan Road (Xueyuan Lu)

Phone: (86 10)62308899

Fax: (86 10)62308818


~How to go to Beijang University?~

Download and print the {map|hotel.JPG} or check this  [webpage>] .

Beihang University (BUAA) is located at the south-west corner of Xue Yuan Road and the 4th Ring Road North. Visitors have the following options to reach Beihang University. 

  • From Beijing International Airport

    . By taxi: (30 mins, taking the 4th Ring Rd,cost RMB 80-100).

    . By airport shuttle bus: Route, Airport to Zhong Guancun, get off at the North Gate of Beihang University, cost RMB 16.

    . By Airport Express (Subway): Airport to Dongzhimen, transfer at San Yuan Qiao to Line 10, get off at either Beitucheng station (South-east corner of Beihang University campus) or Zhichun Rd station (South-west corner of Beihang University campus), then 5 minutes walk to Campus.
  • From Beijing Train Station

    . By taxi: (not recommended, 30-60 minutes depending on traffic)`

    . By Subway: Get on the Ring Line at Beijing Train Station, transfer to Line 13 at Xizhimen Station, get off at Zhichun Rd station, walk to Beihang Campus
  • From Beijing West Train Station

    . By taxi: 30-60 minutes depending on traffic, cost 40-60RMB.

    . Subway: walk one block to get on the No.1 Line at Jun Shi BoWu Guan, then transfer to Ring Line, then transfer to Line 13 at Xizhimen Station, get off at Zhichun Rd station, walk to Beihang Campus.

    . Bus: No.47, get off the North Gate of Beihang University. Bus No.810, get off the Beihang University. It will cost 60-90 minutes to arrive at Beihang.
  • From Beijing South Train Station

    . Subway: get on the Line 4 at Beijing south train station, then transfer to Line 10 at Hai Dian Huang Zhuang, then get off at Zhichun Rd station, walk to Beihang Campus.

    . Taxi: not recommended.

    . Bus: not recommended.

  • From Beijing North Train Station

    . Subway: get on Line 13 at Xizhimen Station, get off at Zhichun Rd station, walk to Beihang Campus.

    . Taxi: 20-30minutes, cost about 25RMB.

    . Bus: No.632, No. 375, No. 392, No.691, No 693, etc.

*Attend also the OW2 Programming Contest, on Sept. 24-26, in Ningxia*

Visit the OW2 Programming Contest [website>]. 

How to go from Beijang to Ningxia for the OW2 Programming Contest?

Beijing to Yinchuan is about 1300km distance, 2 hours by flight, cost is about 360 to 700RMB (40 to 80 euros). To book your flight: