Mar 20 2013


OW2 Brings Open Technologies To The Table At Cloud Interoperability Week


Check out the programme and register to the September 2013 Cloud Interoperability Week

Registered Projects include:OpenStack - CloudStack - OpenNebula - CloudWatt - CompatibleOne - Itea2 ICARE - Contrail - ProActive - Sirocco

The Cloud Interoperability Week will provide an insight into the current state of Cloud Standards implementations and use cases. It will evaluate the level of interoperability of different solutions and showcase how Cloud Standards work together.

This event continues the series of Cloud Plugfests aimed at promoting interoperability efforts on cloud standards-based software, services, frameworks, products and projects. A workshop agenda and tutorials sessions will be provided in Madrid.

OW2 co-organizes this event in the framework of its participation in the OCEAN project. Recognizing the key role open source collaborative innovation is playing in shaping the cloud computing landscape, the Cloud Interoperability Week will be a great opportunity to experiment with prominent open cloud projects.

Cloud Plugfests are interoperability oriented events aimed at stimulating cooperation and integration between open cloud collaborative projects. Cloud Plugfest main objectives include:

  • increase awareness about the projects
  • accelerate integration of their outcomes and foster cooperation between projects
  • help them to increase market acceptance.

    This event is supported by the European Commission and co-ordinated by OCEAN project and OW2, in cooperation with DMTF, ETSI, OASIS, OGF and SNIA.

    Cloud Interoperability Workshop, 18 September 2013

    This very successful workshop was held as part of the Cloud Interoperability Week and aimed to set out short and medium term objectives towards the longer-term goal of producing an ecosystem of interoperable cloud solutions.The event brought together a variety of diverse communities around the need to co-operate to utilise, standardise and enable the interworking of different approaches. 

    The workshop was held on Wednesday, September the 18th 2013 in the Escudo meeting room at the Hotel Melia Castilla, in Madrid, Spain. 

    All presentations and the agenda are available for download at the links below in pdf format.


     Download the Agenda

    Presentation Title


    Download this presentation General Introduction to the Cloud Interoperability Workshop and Cloud Plugfest: Goals, Agenda and Scope Alan Sill, Texas Tech University
    VP of Standards, OGF

    Download this presentation

    Interoperability and APIs in OpenStack

    John Kennedy, Intel
    Piyush Harsh, ICCLab, ZHAW
    Download this presentation  
    Cloud API Interoperability in Apache CloudStack

    Sébastien Goasguen, Citrix

    Download this presentation Interoperability Features in OpenNebula Daniel Molina, OpenNebula Project

    Download this presentation

    Towards a Reference Architecture for a Cloud Interoperability Framework

    Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer FOKUS
    ISO JTC1 SC38

    Download this presentation

    The Contrail Approach for Interoperable Clouds

    Roberto Cascella, INRIA

    Download this presentation

    OCEAN services for Open Cloud Projects

     Yury Glikman, Fraunhofer FOKUS

    Download this presentation

    OCCI Core XML Representation for Code Generation

    Jean Parpaillon, Silkan

    Download this presentation

    Cloud and Standards, What's the Point?

    Jean-Pierre Laisne, 

    Download this presentation

    Presenting the FP7 CloudSpaces project: Open Service Platform for the Next Generation of Personal clouds

    Adrián Moreno Martínez, ICFA
    Download this presentation Ow2stack: Open Source, Cloud and Interoperability In Practice  Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO
    Download this presentation Harnessing TTCN-3 Test Framework for OCCI-based Cloud Ecosystems Yongzheng Liang, University of Stutggart

    Download this presentation

    Towards Application Level Interoperability in Multi-Clouds

    Dana Petcu, ModaClouds

    Download this presentation

    Up In The Air: The ARTIST approach to migrate legacy applications to Cloud while taking the most from standards.

    Leire Orue-Echevarria Arrieta, ARTIST Project

    Download this presentation  SAJACC: The NIST Cloud Use Case Test Definition Project Alan Sill, TTU/OGF
    NIST SAJACC Co-chair
    Download this presentation Security Interoperability Through a Labeling System
    Antonio Ramos, Leet Security
    Download this presentation PRISMA: Interoperable Cloud Platforms for SMART-Government 

    Mirco Mazzucato

    Download this presentation 
    EGI Federated Cloud Activity: A Concrete Instantiation of the Utilisation of Cloud Standards and Federation David Wallom, Oxford E-Research Centre
    The Cloud Plugfest Tutorial sessions were held in Madrid on Thursday 19th September, and the associated Cloud Plugfest testing took place there on Thursday and Friday. 

    At the same time, the Storage Developers Conference was held on Monday through Thursday of the same week in Santa Clara, California, and also hosed related Cloud Interoperability Week and Cloud Plugfest activities. 

    Practical information

    The Cloud Interoperability Week will be held at 2 locations:
    1- in Santa Clara, CA, 16-18 September 2013, during the SNIA Storage Developer Conference (SDC)
    2- in Madrid, Spain, 18-20 September 2013, during the Open Grid Forum #39 and the European Grid Infrastructure Technical Forum

    CIW World Map

    To Register, click on the map or click here

Register your project to Cloud Interoperability Week

You are contributing to a cloud project, as leader, developer or user, working for a public or private company, a university, etc. Register now to join Cloud Interoperability Week!

Participants will be provided with a unique opportunity to meet cloud standards experts. In a nutshell, participating in the Cloud Plugfest will enable you to reach the following :

  • Benefit from first-hand information on how Cloud standardization is progressing and how to implement Cloud standards
  • Learn how to integrate open standards implementations into your software project, and grow your base of users and implementers
  • Learn to use important industry standard testing tools
  • Meet and discuss with standards implementers, SDO experts and testing experts
  • Test your implementations together with experts and help ensure interoperability across multiple implementations and standards

    What will be tested? What are the expected outcomes for you?

    You will be able to test, explore and extend the level of interoperability of your project with regards to existing standards, such as :
  • OCCI: OGF Open Cloud Computing Interface
  • CDMI: SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface
  • OVF: DMTF Open Virtualization Format
  • CIMI : DMTF Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface
  • CAMP: OASIS Cloud Application Management for Platforms

    For more details on the testing process, check Test Descriptions.

    How to be part of the action?

    Participants can join the tests sessions or only attend sessions and workshops as observers. For those who will join the tests, they will be invited to attend a couple of preparatory meetings prior to the event ; then, on site, they will be provided with a set of distributed and multi platform automation tools for the configuration, build and tests stages.

    When and Where?

    The first Cloud Interoperability Week will be held silmutaneously in Madrid, Spain, and Santa Clara, CA. Cloud Interoperability Week will be part of the SNIA Storage Developer Conference plugfest program held 16-18 September in Santa Clara, CA, and include events colocated with the European Grid Infrastructure Technical Forum and the 39th Open Grid Forum meeting 18-20 September at the Hotel Melia Castilla, in Madrid, Spain. Remote participation is also possible for both Cloud Plugfest and Workshop.

    Cloud Interoperability Week is supported by the European Commission.

    Register now (free) at

    What's next?

    The Interoperability Week is part of the Plugfest services offered by OCEAN EU project ( All cloud projects involved in the interoperability week can benefit from other OCEAN services (see description below).

    See more information about the cloud interoperability week: