Cloud Expo Europe


Oct 04 2011

Cloud Expo Europe

January 25-26, 2012\ National Hall Olympia\ London, GB\

Come and visit OW2 at booth # 639!

Cloud Expo Europe

Cloud Expo Europe will be 2012’s most informative and comprehensive cloud computing focused event. With 120 presentations across 7 dedicated theatres, get expert opinions from leading cloud adopters on pertinent issues facing the cloud industry. Meet the best-of-breed cloud technology suppliers who can help fast forward your cloud strategy, no matter what size of company.

OW2 will run a booth (#639) and showcase two leading cloud computing open source collaborative projects: CompatibleOne and OpenCloudware. See more about the OW2 presence in the conference below.

If you are interested to come and give a help on the booth, please send an email to Catherine Nuel (catherine.nuel AT

About OW2 Presence in the Conferences

  1. *CompatibleOne - The Open Source Cloud Broker*, Jamie Marshall, CTO, Prologue - Wednesday 25th January at 16.35

    Track: Cloud & Virtualisation Infrastructure & Platform Track

    Abstract: CompatibleOne is an open source project with the goal of providing middleware for the description, brokering and federation of heterogeneous clouds comprising resources provisioned by different providers and carriers. CompatibleOne aims at being interoperable with most platforms to provide maximum freedom to users and developers and consequently breaking vendor lock-in. Ian James Marshall will demonstrate the first cloud brokerage proof of concept by CompatibleOne and show the feasibility of cloud brokerage between OpenNebula and OpenStack platforms, validating the VM interoperability mechanisms as planned by CompatibleOne. CompatibleOne is open to anyone wishing to contribute efforts for the building of an Open Cloud respecting open standards and open data formats where all software and documentation is to be published under an open source license.

    2. *Think to PaaS for Multi-IaaS Cloud Computing: the OpenCloudware collaborative R&D project*, Alban Richard, CEO, UShareSoft, Cedric Thomas, CEO, OW2 - Wednesday 25th January at 13.45 - ( PDF )

    Track: Security and governance

    Abstract: OpenCloudware is a 3 year collaborative R&D project starting in January 2012, which aims at building an open software engineering platform, for the collaborative development of distributed applications to be deployed on multiple Cloud infrastructures. We aim at supporting virtualized multi-tier applications such as JavaEE - OSGi. The results of OpenCloudware will contain a set of software components to manage the lifecycle of such complex virtual appliances. It will include components for modeling applications (Think), developing and building images (Build), a multi-IaaS compliant PaaS platform (Run) for their deployment, orchestration, performance testing, self-management (elasticity, green IT optimisation) and provisioning. The software layer at the PaaS level will include PaaS-IaaS interoperability, allowing to develop and deploy such application potentially on multi IaaS (supporting either one IaaS at a time, or hybrid scenarios). The platform will be available through a self-service portal. The results of the project will be made available as open source components through the OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative.

    3. *Offer a Cloud App Store: Ramp applications to the cloud and deliver software on-demand*, Alban Richard, CEO, UShareSoft - Thursday 26th January at 13.45

    Track: Security and governance theater.

    Abstract: Today, Cloud Service Providers and telcos are building their IaaS offerings and developing a complete services portfolio. Successful providers will foster a strong cloud ecosystem, helping partners and customers migrate their application to their IaaS platform. They will build a market place where ISVs and enterprises can participate either as application designers or as consumers : an Apple-style «App Store» for their cloud. The App Store enables designers to create or clone image templates, but also to share and collaborate with partners.

    What are the challenges for Cloud Service Providers when building a software market place? How can ISVs and software designers easily package their applications to make them ready for publishing on the market place? How can ISVs and enterprises migrate applications to the cloud while keeping control of software governance? This session provides an overview of the challenges in the field and the tools needed to build an app store, migrate applications and maintain software on the cloud.

    4. *Establishing Trust in Hybrid Cloud Environments*, Ciaran Dynes, Senior Director of Project, Talend, Jan 25 at 13.10

    Abstract: While organizations look to the cloud as a serious option for today’s IT deployments, many are still trying to determine how to make hybrid on-premise and cloud environments work. Cloud providers must address latency, bandwidth, and provisioning issues to be considered. Moreover, security and privacy are cited as key impediments to the adoption of cloud services. How can a service establish "trust" in a hybrid environment? During this session, attendees will learn about best practices for employing and maintaining a "trust" protocol that not only addresses these concerns, but also preserves the agility that is all too often lost when security becomes a focus.