China Cloud Computing Conference

June 03 - 03, 2015

Beijing, China


In June 2015 OW2 CEO Cedric Thomas presented OCCIware in China. First  at the at the 7th China Cloud Computing Conference, Beijing June 2-3,  2015 in the framework of the  "Cloud Computing International  Standardization Forum". Second, during a face to face meeting with  members of the China Open Source Promotion Union (COPU), Beijing, June  4, 2015. 

See the slides on slideshare:

Title: OW2 and OCCI in the open cloud industry ecosystem

Abstract: This short lecture will highlight growing challenges faced by cloud computing users and how an emerging standard such as OCCI, can be part of the solution. Since the launch of Amazon EC2 in august 2006, cloud computing has boomed and been adopted as the dominant model for delivering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as as Service and, more generally Everything as a Service (XaaS). Provisioning, managing and monitoring these outsourced, used-on-demand, paid-per-use and elastic resources require programmable interfaces for the cloud. A wide variety of different interfaces are available and this diversity energized the cloud computing market. However, behind the hype, cloud computing users are still confronted to major barriers: heterogeneity of cloud computing offerings, interoperability between cloud interfaces, integration to build multi-cloud systems and the portability of applications and cloud computing users activities. These issues have been addressed through libraries, brokering platforms and standards. We highlight the importance of Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI), a recommendation from Open Grid Forum (OGF). OCCI is a simple, open, extensible and self-described interface for managing every kind of resource as a service, not only IaaS. Although OCCI is supported by a large community it still lacks formal specification and associated engineering tools, fortunately an open source collaborative project such as OCCIware is addressing this limitation and everybody can join in.