China Meetings Sept. 2009

October 07, 2009


In September, the OW2 China Local Chapter organized a series of meetings.  

*China Software Testing Center*

A 440 person organization in 10 location across China, established in 1990 by MIIT (the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China), the CSTC provides software testing services to both commercial and government customers. CSTC's testing tools and methods providing quality evaluation and assurance to open source software could be of great interest for the OW2 community. CSTC is very interested in becoming a member of OW2.


Changfeng is a professional association with 70 members including the most influential platform software vendors in China. Services provided to members include: technology meetings, participation in standards organizations, marketing promotion and conferences. ChangFeng is interested in developing international cooperation with OW2. ChangFeng is looking into becoming  an OW2 Associate Organization.

*NASAC Conference*

At NASAC (National Software Application Conference), the Trustie project had a general meeting were we could demonstrate the complementarity of both the OW2 and the Trustie communities. Although the Trustie platform relies on open source technologies, Trustie being is a nation-wide government funded project it supports either open source or proprietary projects. The scope of the relationship with OW2 concentrates on the open source domain. OW2 represents both an open source channel and an international development channel for Trustie.

*Technology Council and Board of Directors*

TC and Board had telephone events planned on Sept. 15 and 16 respectively. Members of the OW2 China Local Chapter were meeting physically Beihang University while it was a telephone event for other members.