Pictures of the ObjectWeb / OrientWare Merger

A quick history in pictures of the merger between ObjectWeb and OrientWare.

Meeting with the MOST in Beijing (May 2005) where it all started


From left to right: LIU Jiangning (CVIC SE), Prof. MA Dianfu (BEIHANG UNIVERSITY), Prof. WEI Jun (ISCAS), Prof. JIA Yan (NUDT), Prof. WANG Huaiming (NUDT), Mr. YUCHI Jan (MOST), Jean-Pierre Laisné (BULL), Prof. HUAI Jinpeng (BEIHANG UNIVERSITY), Julie Marguerite (INRIA), ZHOU Minghui (PEKING UNIVERSITY), Stephane Grumbach (French Embassy in Beijing), Hongbo XU (GMRC), ZHOU Bin (NUDT), Than Ha Ngo (French Embassy in Beijing).

Signature of the MOU between INRIA and the MOST (September 2005)


Signed by Gerard Giraudon (INRIA) and Prof. HUAI Jinpeng (BEIHANG UNIVERSITY).

Technology exchange at the College of Architects meeting in Lille (June 2006)


A presentation by LIU Jiangning (CVIC SE)

ObjectWeb V2 Workshop in China (September 2006)


From left to right: David LI, Dr. Jun HAN (BEIHANG UNIVERSITY), X, X, Dr. ZHU Yan (BEIHANG UNIVERSITY), X, Julie Marguerite (INRIA), Jean-Pierre Laisne (BULL), ZHOU Minghui (PEKING UNIVERSITY), Grégory Lopez (THALES), Cedric Thomas, Yuan Cheng (DOCSC), Hongbo XU (GMRC)

Let's Build It Together! (Paris, October 2006)


Cedric Thomas and Prof. WANG Huaiming

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