Job Offer: Chief Technology Officer

November 2018: OW2 has opened a position for its: Chief Technology Officer. 

This is a high-visibility position for an experienced developer or software engineer familiar with the world of open source software, with demonstrated ability to deliver and communicate. 

A full member of OW2 Management Office, the CTO oversees the evolution of the community's technical infrastructure, drives the management of the OW2 code base, is the prime contact for the developer's community and helps build awareness for OW2.

The Chief Technology Officer's main tasks cover the following:

Community relations

  • Manages the Technology Council (TC) meetings, 
  • Oversees the OW2 Initiatives from the technical perspective, 
  • Works with Project Leaders on drafting and implementation of required policies, 
  • Helps promote OW2 at industry events.

Collaborative projects

  • Participates in meetings and coordination with partners, 
  • Ensures OW2 technical contribution to Collaborative Projects, 
  • Helps develop and deliver technical dissemination content, 
  • Supervises beta testing campaigns.

Technical infrastructure

  • Drives the technical infrastructure strategy, 
  • Runs the project quality and metrics tools, 
  • Contributes to the improvement of OW2's OSCAR metrics collection platform, 
  • Supervises the OW2 marketplace.

Code base management

  • Helps recruit new projects, 
  • Drives the projects selection process, 
  • Monitors projects life cycles, 
  • Implements the OW2 Market Readiness Levels methodology.

The position requires good knowledge of the Java language. The CTO  will interact frequently with OW2 project leaders and collaborative projects participants. The successful applicant will have a degree in computer sciences, engineering subjects or related fields from a University or equivalent plus experience. Applicants without such a degree, but with appropriate education and standing work experience will also be considered. 

Proven communication skills and excellent spoken and written English absolutely necessary (major selection criteria) to support community interaction and market outreach.

Work location is Europe and home-office based, the function can be executed remotely. The successful applicant will report to the CEO of the Consortium. The compensation package will be in relation to the candidate's qualification and experience. This is a full-time position (but 80% can be discussed).


Please write to: Cedric Thomas.