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1 -The goal is to define a Rest API in PHP for Bitcoin and to integrate it on the emerginov platform. The emerginov platform is a PHP PaaS (Platform as a Service). The idea is to offer an API (and an associated SDK) to help developers of micro services to integrate a virtual money API based on Bitcoin.
1 +Software reuse is a solution to reduce duplication of effort in software development. With the rapid development of internet and open source software technology, there are a great many open source software resources on the Internet. It’s of great importance to understand the code structure of software for reusing open source software.
2 +The goal of this tool is to develop a searching tool for code structure, whose function is to extract the code structure from open source and store it in graph database, search the answer of questions about code structure automatically and show the answers in a graphical and interactive way.
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MoDrgan. RichommJunfeng ZHAO(赵俊峰)
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Arnaud Morin
APIGraph PHPDatabase fbased Open Source BiCode Strucoture Searching Tool
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PHPGraph API BiDatabase based Open Source Code Structure Searching Tool