Title Web Workflow Studio for ProActive Cloud
OW2 project ProActive
OW2 project URL http://www.ow2.org/view/ActivitiesDashboard/ProActive
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Keywords Cloud, SaaS, ProActive, Workflow, Studio, Web, Designer, GUI, REST
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ProActive Parallel Suite is an Open Source middleware featuring Programming, Scheduling and Resourcing tools for parallel, distributed and multi-core computing (http://proactive.activeeon.com/index.php).

Jobs describing the tasks to be ran are submitted to the Scheduler for distributed execution. Today these jobs can be written manually in XML or built through an GUI using Eclipse RCP technology (http://hudson.activeeon.com/view/RCP/job/Workflow_Studio/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/com.activeeon.workfloweditor.help/doc/built/QuickStart/single_html/QuickStartManual.html). We would like to build a new web application: the Web Workflow Studio for ProActive.

The top features would be:
- creating and editing task workflows with looping and branching
- editing tasks and jobs properties, including source code editing within the browser (for part of the jobs that are scripts)
- submitting jobs through the Scheduler's REST API (https://portal.cloud.sophia.inria.fr/SchedulingRest/)
- importing existing jobs & exporting jobs (http://hudson.activeeon.com/view/Scheduling/job/Scheduling_3.3.x/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/doc/built/Scheduling/single_html/ProActiveSchedulerManual.html#XSDJobSchema)

The project can be split in two phases:
- analyse potential solutions to build such web application, our existing web applications (https://portal.cloud.sophia.inria.fr/scheduler/ &  https://portal.cloud.sophia.inria.fr/rm/) are using GWT and SmartGWT but we are open to pure JS libraries.
- build a prototype with the chosen solution

You should be familiar with web technologies and will be helped by our software engineers from Sophia Antipolis, France (http://www.activeeon.com/company).

Main Topic Contact Person Name Brian Amedro
Main Topic Contact Person e-mail brian.amedro@activeeon.com
Other Topic Contact Person(s) Name(s) (optional) Youri Bonnaffé
Other Topic Contact e-mail(s) (optional) youri.bonnaffe@activeeon.com
Estimated Workload (total, in manmonths) 3
Targeted Contestants undergrad or master/PhD