Title Building a Testing as a Service Platform for Web Service Load Testing with Service4All
OW2 project Service4All
OW2 project URL http://www.trustie.net/projects/project/show/Service4All (will submit to OW2)
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Keywords Web service, cloud testing, TaaS, load testing
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Web services are widely known as the building blocks of typical service-oriented applications. The performance of such an application system is mainly dependent on that of component web services. Thus the effective load testing of web services is of great importance to understand and improve the performance of a service-oriented system. However, existing Web Service load testing tools ignore the real characteristics of the practical running environment of a web service. Service4All is a cloud computing project focusing on PaaS (Platform as a Service) layer, which aims at providing a cloud platform mainly for service-oriented software developers.  In this topic, the developers are required to build a Testing as a Service Platform for Web Service Load Testing with Service4All to support efficient, realistic, massive concurrent Web Service load testing. With this work, testers can input the configuration information of a test task , and then monitor the test process and download the test report. The test resource provision process is transparent to testers, which can observably simplify the manipulation of testers.

Main Topic Contact Person Name Hailong Sun
Main Topic Contact Person e-mail sunhl@act.buaa.edu.cn
Other Topic Contact Person(s) Name(s) (optional) Xu Wang
Other Topic Contact e-mail(s) (optional) wangxu@act.buaa.edu.cn
Estimated Workload (total, in manmonths) 8
Targeted Contestants undergrad or master/PhD