Title WebLab4Videos
OW2 project WebLab
OW2 project URL weblab.ow2.org
Other OW2 projects and URL (optional) http://forge.ow2.org/projects/weblab/
Keywords WebML, H.264, HTML5, Ajax, video, portlet, JSR286
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The WebLab is an open source (under LGPL 2.1) platform aimed at providing intelligence systems that need to process multimedia data. Thus a system based on WebLab tackle the problem of “unstructured document processing” and in particular in the analysis of documents coming for the Internet. One of its typical application is media monitoring which could serve many different business needs.

Navigation and manipulation of multimedia content is one of the key possibility offered by the platform. This project focussed on the presentation of such content. The objective will be to develop specific use interface to present and navigate within video that has been processed using latest web technologies (HTML5 and javascript) and integrating it into a JSR 286 portlet. This portlet will consume event and data from WebLab and will enable the user to exploit the video and possible information that has been extracted.

Main Topic Contact Person Name Jérémie Doucy
Main Topic Contact Person e-mail j.doucy@gmail.com
Other Topic Contact Person(s) Name(s) (optional) weblab user mailing list
Other Topic Contact e-mail(s) (optional) user@weblab-project.org
Estimated Workload (total, in manmonths) 4
Targeted Contestants master/PhD