Title HTML 5 Web Conferencing
OW2 project docdoku
OW2 project URL http://ow2.org/view/ActivitiesDashboard/DocDoku
Other OW2 projects and URL (optional) http://plm.docdoku.com
Keywords WebRTC, HTML5, PLM
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Build a web conferencing system based on standard HTML5 technologies, especially on WebRTC (still in early development).
The aim is for users to engage a conversation (audio or video) on a specific subject (part of a product structure for instance), his partner should be informed of the context of the discussion. At the end, the system should be able to record the conversation in order to capitalize on it. Optionally, we should be able to integrate a third party tool like Dragon speaking in order to get the verbatim.

Main Topic Contact Person Name Florent Garin
Main Topic Contact Person e-mail florent.garin@docdoku.com
Other Topic Contact Person(s) Name(s) (optional) Florent Garin
Other Topic Contact e-mail(s) (optional) florent.garin@docdoku.com
Estimated Workload (total, in manmonths) 6
Targeted Contestants master/PhD