Title Map view in JASMINe Monitoring
OW2 project JASMINe
OW2 project URL http://jasmine.ow2.org
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Keywords JavaEE, JMX, flex, Google Maps (http://code.google.com/apis/maps/)
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JASMINe monitoring provides a monitoring infrastructure for SOA platform. The subject consists in enhancing the JASMINe project with a newmap  view in the console enabling to localize the managed elements (eg showing the GPS addresses or a customizable icon). Outdoor maps (such as google map) can be handled in a first step and then indoor maps can be taken into account (eg through user picture with google sketchup).

Main Topic Contact Person Name Benoit Pelletier
Main Topic Contact Person e-mail jasmine@ow2.org
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Estimated Workload (total, in manmonths) 6
Targeted Contestants master/PhD