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Georgios Mathioudakis, R&D Engineer at Inria (georgios.mathioudakis@inria.fr)

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The pervasive computing vision is hampered by the extreme level of heterogeneity in the underlying infrastructure, which impacts on the ability to seamlessly interoperate. Furthermore, the fast pace at which technology evolves at all abstraction layers increasingly challenges the lifetime of networked systems in the digital environment.

Given the fact that we are moving towards a world where everything is connected, the iConnect project targets to provide a universal solution towards interoperability between highly heterogeneous systems by reconciling behavioral discrepancies, from the application down to the middleware layer. To achieve this, iConnect introduces at the application layer, tools for abstracting and semantically annotating the functionality of systems so as to enable the discovery and coordination with other relevant ones. Then, at the middleware layer, complementary tools are responsible for translating messages that are transmitted between systems that implement heterogeneous interaction paradigms or communication protocols.

Key features of iConnect include:

  1. Introduction of enablers for universal discovery of resources, composing legacy discovery protocols
    2. Synthesis and deployment of mediators specified as enhanced labeled transition systems towards allowing networked systems that have compatible functionalities to interact despite mismatching interfaces and/or behaviors
    3. Cross-paradigm and cross-protocol interoperability with the use of the XSB (eXtensible Service Bus) and the LSB (Light Service Bus) middleware components

iConnect is developed in the context of the FISSi initiative and is based on the outcomes of the CONNECT and CHOReOS FP7 projects. The project will take advantage of the OW2's forge for hosting and exposing the project's code and documentation along with the bug tracker and mailing lists for supporting the development's needs.

Description of the project and its goals

iConnect aims to deliver to the open source community emergent middleware enablers supporting interoperability across networked systems. One of the goals of iConnect is to maintain and extend the existing code-base that was produced during the recently completed Connect and CHOReOS (FP7) projects. 

Targeted audience

The targeted audience for the iConnect project is:

  1. Developers of networked systems that wish to interconnect heterogeneous systems or being able to interconnect them on-the-fly.

Supporting team

Inria - Arles project team
Georgios Mathioudakis <georgios.mathioudakis@inria.fr>
Thierry Martinez <thierry.martinez@inria.fr>
Georgios Bouloukakis <georgios.bouloukakis@inria.fr>
Animesh Pathak <animesh.pathak@inria.fr>
Nikolaos Georgantas <nikolaos.georgantas@inria.fr>
Valerie Issarny <valerie.issarny@inria.fr>

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iConnect will published under the umbrella of the FISSi initiative


During the first month after the project's creation the existing code-base will be transfered to the OW2 forge. This code-base includes the subcomponents: Discovery enabler, Synthesis enabler, XSB and LSB. First milestone of the project is to produce two stable and usable tools towards interoperability, one on the application layer and one on the middleware layer. The second step, estimated during the sixth month after the creation of the project, will be to successfully combine the two sub-components into one full-featured solution.


Your project and OW2

iConnect is developed in the context of the FISSi initiative and is based on the results of the Connect and CHOReOS (FP7) projects.

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Technologies and standards

iConnect is based on web standards such as REST (http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/wiki/REST), legacy discovery protocols like DPWS and UPnP, but also some recent but popular communication technologies such as MQTT (pub/sub protocol) and HTML5 WebSocket (Streaming protocol).

Contribution to the OW2 Community

Motivations to join the consortium and its community

We believe that OW2 will provide to the project the publicity and support required among the open source community. Furthermore, the iConnect project aims to support FISSi, an OW2 initiative for the future Internet.

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iConnect temporary repository: https://gforge.inria.fr/projects/iconnect/ - Use with anonymous user


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