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Guillaume Sauthier, Bull (guillaume.sauthier -at- bull.net)

Project purpose and summarization

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Utility project is an aggregation of modules providing code utilities (Like Xml parsing helpers, archive model abstraction, ...) that intents to be shared by anybody.

Description of the project and its goals

Utility has started his life as a complete separate project in the OW2 easybeans codebase. It has been designed in a way that let multiple projects (EasyBeans, JOnAS, CMI to name a few) use theses modules without introducing some cyclic dependencies (a third party project, decoupled from JOnAS and co).

It aims to provide a place where OW2 developers (and others) may find or contribute reusable pieces of code. It already provides: annotation processor, an archive API, eventing support, file and URL utilities, a log API with internationalization, a marshaller/unmarshaller utility, a property substitution engine, ...

Every project of some size has some utility modules. The idea here is to centralize all OW2's utilities in one place.

Targeted audience

The targeted audience of the Utility project are Java developers.

Supporting team

Utility was initially developed in the easybeans codebase with the help of committers from easybeans, jonas, jasmine and cmi.

Guillaume Sauthier, Bull (guillaume.sauthier -at- bull.net)
Florent Benoit, Bull (florent.benoit -at- bull.net)
Clement Escoffier, akquinet tech@spree (clement.escoffier -at- akquinet.de)

Business model

This projects aims to be a pool of re-usable modules/libraries, with committers from different companies. The added value of this project is to provide a place where OW2 developers (and others) may find an already done and well tested "components".

User community

Utility is already used by OW2 JOnAS, JASMINe, EasyBeans and CMI communities (as we know of).
The OW2 Technology Council has expressed an interest for this project, so some other projects could be listed here.

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Utility modules are usually not internationalized. But we have an internationalization module that helps to provide I18n support to applications.


We plan to decouple the life cycle of each modules (allowing us to release one without release others). To help this, we want to split the Utility big project (composed of many unrelated maven module, but released alltogether) into separate (and smaller) GIT repositories. That will help adoption and contribution.

We also plan to add OSGi metadatas to all of the modules (merging our ow2-bundles project with ow2-utils in fact).

From a user point of view, we also plan to provide more documentation (one wiki page per utility seems a good objective).


No, we are alreay inside the easybeans project and we want to move out to gain visibility.

Your project and OW2

Utility is already in use in multiple OW2 projects and will be a good place to foster inter-project collaborations on technical topics.

OW2 components

We not plan to use any OW2 components, but we would like to be used by as many as possible.


The current mainteners' projects (JOnAS, JASMINe, EasyBeans to name a few).

Interested parties

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SCARBO - Marc Dutoo (Open Wide)
PEtALS - Christophe Hamerling (Petalslink)
Chameleon - Clement Escoffier (akquinet tech@spree)

Technologies and standards

Utility provides Java libraries, augmented with OSGi metadata (ensuring the bundle will work seamlessly in an OSGi environment).

Contribution to the OW2 Community

OW2 already host the code:

Motivations to join the consortium and its community

This is mainly a project created by OW2 members for OW2 members.

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Apache Software License 2.0

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