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Context Situation Awareness

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WU Zhendong ( ) National University of Defense and Technology, China

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Context situation awareness is an evolution of context aware, every mobile device apperceives the context and send it to cloud. So there are large-scale context in cloud, the cloud calculates the situation according to all of the contex. Finally, the cloud can provide better services for every mobile device by the result of context situation calculation. 

Description of the project and its goals

The project focuses on large-scale context using to provide better services for users. More mobile devices collect the context, better services could be provided by the cloud. The goal is develop a framework to automatically collect context on mobile devices and send the context to cloud, then the cloud deals with large-scale context automatically.

Targeted audience

Application developers whose work is developing better services for users by the large-scale context.

Supporting team

National University of Defense Technology

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National University of Defense Technology


The comments among the code are written in English.


Short-term: test and improve the performance of some modules. Long-term: complete the framework and write some user manuals and API documents.


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National University of Defense Technology

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Some interesting ideas could be consult from our project.

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