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Jean-Pierre Laisné, coordinator of CompatibleOne,

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CompatibleOne is an open source cloud broker.
CompatibleOne is a new-generation cloud resource management and automatic provisioning software environment powered by service brokering capabilities. With CompatibleOne, the seamless federation of heterogeneous resources across different Cloud Service Providers is now possible. With CompatibleOne, developers and users can combine different services available from different suppliers to address their most stringent requirements.
CompatibleOne supports all kinds of resources, not just infrastructure ones but any resource which can be invoked as a service. CompatibleOne helps developers and users avoid vendor lock-in, enforce SLAs and reduce costs. The CompatibleOne open source broker is an open source collaborative project based on open standards, notably OCCI.

Description of the project and its goals

CompatibleOne provides an Object Oriented language for the description of Cloud Applications, Services and Resources, CORDS (CompatibleOne Resource Description System).

The CompatibleOne Platform i.e. ACCORDS (Advanced Capabilities for CORDS) is a cloud application provisioning and deployment control system.

The CompatibleOne Platform is currently capable of performing fully automated deployment of cloud resources on the market leading open source cloud provisioning systems, OpenStack and OpenNebula (complementary work has been engaged for use of the Amazon EC2 platform in an interoperable fashion with the other open source and third-party cloud provisioning systems, the use of the Windows Azure cloud provisioning system, and the use of the Red Hat Cloud Exchange Protocol known as DeltaCloud.)

The CompatibleOne Platform performs automatic deployment and interconnection of heterogeneous resources across heterogeneous cloud systems (from IaaS to PaaS and beyond).

CompatibleOne is able to self deploy the Accords Platform on any cloud infrastructure. . The CompatibleOne Platform is a “cloud aware” application compliant with all characteristics of cloud computing i.e. on-demand, multi-tenant, self-service, elastic, measurable.

The CompatibleOne Platform allows definition and automatic connection of monitoring channels for the surveillance of deployed application components and their operating conditions.

The CompatibleOne Platform makes use of modern Internet security technology and standardized Authentication Authorization Accounting procedures.

The CompatibleOne Platform performs automatic financial transaction recording for all priced operations and commodities.

The CompatibleOne Platform can perform resolution of provisioning decisions using techniques referred to as brokering where the platform is an intermediary between other commercial entities and mediates between offers as required by operational and other constraints.

CompatibleOne is compliant with Gartner's definition [2] of Cloud Services Brokerage enabling aggregation, integration and customization which are the three primary roles a CSB should do.

Targeted audience

CompatibleOne is targetting IT vendors, Service Providers (IT, Cloud, Telecommunication), Enterprise as a whole.
CompatibleOne is the first open source broker and competitors are mainly proprietary vendors
CompatibleOne has some similarities with Contrail and friendly relationship with them.
For contributors, web site is providing all necessary information.

Supporting team

The initial contributors to CompatibleOne are ActiveEon, Bull, CityPassenger, eNovance, Eureva, Inria, Institut Telecom, Mandriva, Nexedi, Nuxeo, OW2, Prologue, Xwiki

New contributors are Intel, ComputeNext, Cedexis

Business model

CompatibleOne is an open source project. It is a business enabler and aims at fostering a vibrant business ecosystem.

User community

Community building is in progress


CompatibleOne has a global audience and well identified contributors in the USA, Europe, Asia (India, South Korea).





Your project and OW2

CompatibleOne is fully compliant with the agenda of OW2 Open Source Cloudware intiative

OW2 components

CompatibleOne has connections with ActiveEon Proactive, Bull Jonas, Xwiki


CompatibleOne is fully compliant with the agenda of OW2 Open Source Cloudware intiative

Interested parties

Intel, ComputeNext, UShareSoft, Cedexis, In2P3, eNovance and more to come.

Technologies and standards

OGF OCCI, WS-Agreement
CDMI in the plan
DMTF CIMI is also on our radar

Contribution to the OW2 Community

CompatibleOne provides a key technology fitting with OW2's motto and vision
OW2 may claim to host innovative cloud technology 

Motivations to join the consortium and its community

OW2 provides a pure open source governance
OW2 provides infrastructure to develop, promote and test CompatibleOne

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Apache Software License 2.0

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