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Comprehensive Web services Search engine

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Lu Fang ( ), Peking University

Project purpose and summarization

Project information

CoWS is a brand an internet-enriched and quality-aware Web services search engine dedicated for open source projects.

Description of the project and its goals

With more and more Web services available on the Internet, many approaches have been proposed to help users discover and select desired services. However, existing approaches heavily rely on the information in UDDI repositories or WSDL files, which is quite limited in fact. The limitation of information weakens the effectiveness of existing approaches. We present a novel Web services search engine named CoWS, which enriches Web services information using the information captured from the Internet to provide quality-aware Web services search. The information captured can be classified into two groups: functional descriptions and subjective feedbacks. We use the functional descriptions to enrich descriptions of Web services and the subjective feedbacks to calculate Web services reputation. CoWS first ranks the services according to their functional similarities to a user's query, which are calculated using both descriptions in WSDL files and the enriched descriptions, and then refines and re-ranks the services with both objective quality constraints (QoS) and subjective quality constraints (reputation).

Targeted audience

Web service developer, web service consumer.
There are some other web services portals, such as Seekda!, ServiceFinder.

Supporting team

CoWS is supported by Software Institute Engineering, Peking University. Now, Meng Li takes charge of this project. His email is
The team is composed of 3 persons, more than 5 years experience.

Business model


User community

Web service users, Web service researchers


In English


The goal of CoWS is to become the most popular and trustworthy 3rd-Party (RESTful) Web Services publishing, searching, monitoring portal.
CoWS is still under heavy development.
Now, CoWS 2.1 is available now.
In next version, CoWS will support RESTful web services.


Yes, it can run on Tomcat, too.

Your project and OW2

CoWS is designed for OW2, which is a leading open source middleware consortium.
CoWS is built upon open source projects and dedicated for open source project. It is a novel Web services search engine, which enriches Web services information using the information captured from the Internet to provide quality-aware Web services search. Moreover, CoWS collects information for a large-scale dataset(more than 30000 Web services). CoWS is designed for OW2, because:
- CoWS can be used for OW2 open source projects to search apposite Web services.
- It can also be use as a platform for OW2 open source developers to monitor their Web services! 

OW2 components



Supported by JOnAS.

Interested parties

Web service users.
Web service researchers, because we provide a web-scale data set of web services.

Technologies and standards

- Spring Framework The Spring Framework (Spring, for short) is an open source application framework for the Java platform. It is a light-weight bean container. The most important services provided by Spring Framework are Inverse of Control (IoC) and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP). The Spring Framework is used in CoWS as a bean container for the whole system.
- SpringSide The SpringSide open source project is built upon the Spring Framework. It encapsulates more useful functions to the Spring Framework. CoWS refers this project.
- Struts 2
- Hibernate
- Sitemesh Sitemesh is used to manage page layout in CoWS.
- jQuery CoWS improves user experience with the help of jquery lib.
- CXF CoWS provides Web services API to users using CXF lib. CXF project provides the Web services engine of CoWS.
- Jonas CoWS can work wonderfully on Jonas.
- Java 

Contribution to the OW2 Community

Provide a comprehensive web service search engine to OW2. Provide a web service platform to OW2

Motivations to join the consortium and its community

Open source is good for human development

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It's available at


Apache Software License 2.0

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