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1 +OW2 activities for software development are organized into [[Projects>>Activities.Projects]].
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3 +This page describes the process for submitting a new software project to the OW2 code base.
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1 1 The fully executed Individual membership of the project leader is the minimum membership requirement for a project to be accepted in incubation. The proposal is then debated on the [[Technology Council>>Technology_Council.WebHome]] mailing list which evaluates its relevance for OW2 in terms of complementarities, synergies, licence, support, etc. The [[Technology Council>>Technology_Council.WebHome]] must reach a consensus to adopt the project. The Technology Council discusses the project submission within a typical delay of 2 weeks, which is followed by a vote. The project, if accepted, is then provisioned in the OW2 Forge and the work can start.
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