November 27
Workshop Day
- OpenSocial Europe Workshop
- OW2 Board of Directors
November 28
Opening Session and Keynotes
- Patrick Starck, Cloudwatt
- Mark Weitzel, OpenSocial
Panel « Open Source Challenges »
OW2 Project Spotlights (1/3)
November 29
Invited Keynotes
- Alexandre Zapolsky, Linagora
- Ali Ataya, Head of the E-Government Unit, Lebanon
OW2 Project Spotlights (2/3)
Keynote: Jim Walkers, HortonWorks
Big Data
Lunch Break Free Lunch Party and Demo Session
Workshops: Parallel
- OpenSocial Europe Workshop
- CompatibleOne Workshop
OW2 Technology Council
Keynote: Alfonso Castro, Microsoft
Open Cloud
Project Award Ceremony
and... Free Beer Party!
Quality in Open Source
OW2 Success Stories
Project Spotlights (3/3)