Sessions The Economics of Open Source

Schedule: November 23, from 4:20 to 5:50pm
Room: Cournot
Session Chair: Cédric Thomas, OW2

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Open source software market overview

Schedule: 04:20 - 04:50
Speakers: Mathieu Poujol, PAC Online
Abstract: For more than a decade, OSS has changed the IT landscape and had become a real option for middlewares. OSS is now very instrumental in the success of Cloud Computing and mobility: Amazon and Android being the best examples. PAC who has been surveying this market for a decade, will present an overview of this market.

New challenges: the changing nature of open source

Schedule: 04:50 - 05:20
Speakers: Cedric Thomas, OW2
Abstract: In 2010 open source became a driver for software innovation. After ten years catching up with proprietary software in commoditized enterprise computing product categories, open source has taken the lead in cloud computing innovation. The live demonstration, by two OW2 members, of a broker interacting with heterogenous cloud computing infrastructures is one of those defining moments by which whole industries measure their progress.

Testimonial: an open source business strategy

Schedule: 05:20 - 05:50
Speakers: Boris Auché, Bull Business Integration Solutions, Head of Strategy & Marketing,
Abstract: Open source reality check: Game Over. Hype is over, Reality Now, Desilussions.