Business Intelligence Session

Schedule: Wednesday Nov 23, 2011, 4:20 to 6:10pm

Session Chair: Stefano Scamuzzo, Engineering Group.
Room: Main Amphitheater


1. Introduction and OW2 BI Initiative Status

Schedule: 04:20 - 04:30
Speaker: Stefano Scamuzzo, Engineering Group

2. Real Time BI is Open and Anywhere with SpagoBI

Schedule: 04:30 - 04:50
Speaker: Alessandra Toninelli, SpagoBI Consultant Engineering Group, Italy
Abstract: Real time business intelligence (RT BI) allows the analysis of business data as soon as they occur. Differently from traditional BI systems, where data are retrieved and analyzed offline, RT BI requires to gather relevant information by processing data on-the-fly as they flow between enterprise systems. Still, the potential of having real time data at hand remains largely unexploited unless the user has immediate access to them, regardless of where (s)he is and which device (s)he is using. Novel BI systems should support data analysis and delivery to the user not only in real time, but also at any place.
SpagoBI, the 100% open source BI suite, has evolved to address these challenges. Its 3.0 version supports the real time monitoring, analysis and presentation of business data and processes. SpagoBI combines the features of Business Activity Monitoring platform with advanced data analysis and presentation capabilities, including reports, KPIs and interactive charts. In addition, it provides functionalities to allow business users to receive information on existing critical situations in real time, no matter where s/he is. Users can visualize data online on their mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, as well as download them for later offline analysis. This way, they can detect inefficiencies and bottlenecks in business processes, promptly react to events requiring quick decision making, and discover new business opportunities hidden in their own data. 

3. Open your data with DataPublica and Talend

Schedule: 04:50 - 05:10
Speakers: Francois Bancilhon DataPublica CEO  & Cédric Carbone Talend CTO

4. Delivering Next-Generation Business Intelligence Using Open Source Software

Schedule: 05:10 - 05:30
Speaker: Tom Cahill, Vice President EMEA, Jaspersoft
Abstract:Substantial consolidation of the largest BI software providers has left an innovation void which could prevent the adoption and use of reporting and analytics more pervasively.  At the same time, new technologies have emerged which provide greater possibility than ever to ensure broad-scale use of data analysis and, therefore, drive fact-based decisions.  And, the CIO and internal development teams are under stronger pressure than ever to deliver results and innovations that can help grow business revenue and create more efficiency and profit.  Further, end-user expectations for business intelligence solutions to be available using consumer-like, web-based point-and-click simplicity, has never been higher.  Adding to that, new data analysis problems need to be solved that include social media, workgroup collaboration, large distributed (even real-time) data sets, and superior integration of reporting and analytics into applications for operational business intelligence.
So, how can these ends possibly be met with BI?  How can a next-generation business intelligence platform, based on open source software and technologies, drive the answer when the largest BI players seem unable to do so?  Affordability, simplicity and modern architecture are the answers.  Jaspersoft joined the OW2 consortium as a corporate member  in 2010 and is today involved in both leading OW2 initiatives: Business Intelligence and Open Source Cloudware. Join Tom Cahill of Jaspersoft for a real-world and practical discussion of these trends and convergences as well as an astute answer about how open source business intelligence provides the best modern alternative to aged, proprietary business intelligence software.    

5. Action Apps: Take Action on Big Data

Schedule: 05:30 - 05:50
Speaker: Christian Raza, Sales Director, Actian
Abstract: Action Apps are lightweight consumer-style applications that automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in data. Action Apps are easy to build, require no training and provide value far beyond traditional BI applications.
Designed to constantly scan and probe a wide variety of disparate data sources, from highly structured corporate CRM, ERP and SaaS systems to unpredictable and unstructured social networks information, Action Apps fire triggers when their data probes uncover important information.

6. Business Intelligence open Source, where is the innovation?

Schedule: 05:50 - 06:10
Speaker:Marc Sallières, CEO, Altic
Abstract: A concrete point on innovative BI Open source : Trends, major technologies and feedback of first projets : Big Data, GPU and Datavizualisation with talend, SpagoBI, Usharesoft and Palo.