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9 9 blabla à masquer
10 10 *#
11 11 [[Corporate Members>>#CM]] further below
12 -\\{{html clean="false" wiki="true"}}== [[image:thumbnail_buaa.gif>>||alt="Beihang University"]] ==
12 +\\{{html clean="false" wiki="true"}}== [[image:thumbnailbuaa.gif>>||alt="Beihang University"]] ==
13 13
14 14 Beihang University (or BUAA for short) was founded on October 25, 1952. Since its founding, BUAA has been one of the key universities given priority for development. BUAA was officially listed in China's Action Plan for the Revitalization of Education in the 21st Century. At present, the university comprises 17 schools and 6 departments, covering such diverse fields as science, technology, liberal arts, law, economy, management, philosophy, foreign languages and education. BUAA has 42 research institutes or interdisciplinary research centers, 11 key disciplines of the national level, and 89 laboratories. BUAA has become one of the important bases for scientific and technological innovation and quality education in China.
15 15
16 -== [[image:thumbnail_bull.gif>>||alt="BULL"]] ==
16 +== [[image:thumbnailbull.gif>>||alt="BULL"]] ==
17 17
18 18 Bull designs and develops servers and software for an open environment, integrating the most advanced technologies. The Group brings to its customers its expertise and know-how to help them in the transformation of their information systems and to optimize their IT infrastructure and their applications. Bull is a large contributor to Open Source Software in Linux, middleware and security domains.
19 19
20 -== [[image:thumbnail_cvicse.gif>>||alt="CVIC"]] ==
20 +== [[image:thumbnailcvicse.gif>>||alt="CVIC"]] ==
21 21
22 22 CVIC Software Engineering Co., Ltd.(CVIC SE), incorporated in April, 1991, is China's chief provider of solutions, software products and IT services. Over the last 18 years, CVIC SE has been working on China's information construction, business scope covers finance, transportation, government, energy and resources, publishing, public security military and so on, with its market expanding into Hongkong, Taiwan, North America, Europe Australia and Southeast Asia. CVIC SE takes the lead to establish the first Middleware Industry Alliance (MIA) in China, assigned as an Industrialization Base for the National 863 Program by the State Ministry of Science & Technology, granted the title of "Class A Model Enterprise Regarding Exportation of Software to Europe and America".
23 23
24 -== [[image:thumbnail_inria.gif>>||alt="INRIA"]] ==
24 +== [[image:thumbnailinria.gif>>||alt="INRIA"]] ==
25 25
26 26 INRIA, the French national institute for research in computer science and control, operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry, is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in information and communication science and technology (ICST). The Institute also plays a major role in technology transfer. INRIA was co-founder of the ObjectWeb Consortium in 2002 and is today leading the OW2 Europe Local Chapter.
27 27
28 -== [[image:thumbnail_iscas.gif>>||alt="ISCAS"]] ==
28 +== [[image:thumbnailiscas.gif>>||alt="ISCAS"]] ==
29 29
30 30 Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences, part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is a government-sponsored institution, and also a leading research institute in China, which focuses on the fundamental theories of computer science as well as software technologies and their applications. ISCAS has about 602 staff members, including 4 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 54 research professors, 87 associate professors and senior engineers. Through the research results and innovations, ISCAS's goals are to establish an international reputation in academia and to assist in the development and growth of China's software industry.
31 31
32 -== [[image:thumbnail_nudt.gif>>||alt="NUDT"]] ==
32 +== [[image:thumbnailnudt.gif>>||alt="NUDT"]] ==
33 33
34 34 National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) is a comprehensive national key university under the dual supervision of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Education.
35 35 Over 50 years later, NUDT has developed into a comprehensive university of sciences, engineering, military science, management, economics, philosophy, literature, education, law, and history. According to the National Subject Evaluation of the years 2002-2004 organized by the Ministry of Education, 5 subjects of NUDT entered the list of top 5 and its subject of Computer Science and Technology ranked first nationwide.
36 36 NUDT treasures international collaboration and cooperation. With strong commitment to internationalization, the university has academic ties with over 100 universities and research institutes from 40 countries and regions.
37 37
38 -== [[image:thumbnail_orange.gif>>||alt="ORANGE"]] ==
38 +== [[image:thumbnailorange.gif>>||alt="ORANGE"]] ==
39 39
40 40 France Telecom-Orange is one of the world's leading telecommunications operators. The Group is the number three mobile operator and the number one provider of broadband internet services in Europe and, under the brand Orange Business Services, is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies.
41 41 The Group has been actively involved for more than 10 years in Open Source communities through the ObjectWeb and OW2 Consortiums and is today Strategic Member of OW2. A large level of contribution to open source software is continuously provided by France Telecom-Orange, often from Orange Labs R&D.
42 42
43 -== [[image:thumbnail_pekinguniversity.gif.jpg>>||alt="Peking University"]] ==
43 +== [[image:thumbnailpekinguniversity.gif.jpg>>||alt="Peking University"]] ==
44 44
45 45 Peking University is a comprehensive and national key university in China. The university has effectively combined research on important scientific subjects with the training of personnel with a high level of specialized knowledge and professional skill as demanded by the country's socialist modernization. It strives not only for improvements in teaching and research work, but also for the promotion of interaction and mutual promotion among various disciplines. Peking University has become a center for teaching and research and a university of a new type, embracing diverse branches of learning such as basic and applied sciences, social sciences and the humanities, and sciences of medicine, management, and education.
46 46
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64 64 4Linux is a leading Brazilian company providing solutions, training and services based on free and open source software. The 4Linux technical team is highly qualified and experienced in infrastructure and middleware architecture for mission-critical workloads. 4Linux has implemented open source solutions for the Federal Government Bank of Brazil (Caixa Economica Federal), which serves more than 50 million Brazilians.
65 65 *#
66 66
67 -== [[image:thumbnail_activeeon.gif>>||alt="ACTIVEEON"]] ==
67 +== [[image:thumbnailactiveeon.gif>>||alt="ACTIVEEON"]] ==
68 68
69 69 Open Source Solutions to accelerate applications and to create Enterprise Grid and Clouds. Founded in 2007, and based in Sophia Antipolis, France, the company ActiveEon co-develops the open source middleware ProActive Parallel Suite® in collaboration with the INRIA team OASIS, and benefits thus of more than 10 years of R&D experience. Open and non intrusive, the ProActive Parallel Suite® solution is parallel computing made easy, for accelerating and scaling up applications, within the company’s IT culture, enabling greater business agility at radically lower costs. ActiveEon solutions are independent from the underlying infrastructure, for better utilization of your existing investments in PC Desktops, Multi-cores, Servers, Clusters and Grids. We offer high value service to increase performances and maximize a quicker return on investment (ROI) for enterprises leveraging the “Professional Open Source”ProActive technology: Training, Consulting, Integration, Subscription support, and Partnerships (OEMs, ISVs, VARs).
70 70
71 -== [[image:thumbnail_bonitasoft.gif>>||alt="BONITASOFT"]] ==
71 +== [[image:thumbnailbonitasoft.gif>>||alt="BONITASOFT"]] ==
72 72
73 73 BonitaSoft is the leading provider of open source Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, is a software company created by the founders of the Bonita open source project. BonitaSoft aims to become the undisputed global leader in open source BPM by providing flexible, powerful Business Process Management Solutions for all types of organizations.
74 74
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78 78 Canonical provides engineering, online and professional services to Ubuntu partners and customers worldwide. As the company behind the Ubuntu project, Canonical is committed to the production and support of Ubuntu – an ever-popular and fast-growing open-source operating system. It aims to ensure that Ubuntu is available to every organisation and individual on servers, desktops, laptops and netbooks. Canonical partners with computer hardware manufacturers to certify Ubuntu, provides migration, deployment, support and training services to businesses, and offers online services direct to end users. Canonical also builds and maintains collaborative, open-source development tools to ensure that organisations and individuals can participate fully in innovations within the open-source community.
79 79 *#
80 80
81 -== [[image:thumbnail_cdac.gif>>||alt="NRC FOSS"]] ==
81 +== [[image:thumbnailcdac.gif>>||alt="NRC FOSS"]] ==
82 82
83 83 Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is the premier R&D institution of the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India. C-DAC Chennai as part of its research activities focuses on FOSS, Ubiquitous Computing & Grid Computing. All the research activities makes use of
84 84 Open Source technologies for development. National Resource Centre for Free and Open Source Software (NRCFOSS) is housed in the C-DAC Chennai campus and will contribute to the growth of FOSS in India through Research & Development, Networking & Entrepreneurship development, FOSS promotion and dissemination. As part of its objectives, NRCFOSS has come out with an Indian Linux distribution named as "BOSS" - Bharat Operating System Solution.\
85 85
86 -== [[image:thumbnail_univerzitakarlova.gif>>||alt="CHARLES UNIVERSITY"]] ==
86 +== [[image:thumbnailuniverzitakarlova.gif>>||alt="CHARLES UNIVERSITY"]] ==
87 87
88 88 Department of Software Engineering of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, is a research and teaching center dedicated to providing both undergraduate and graduate level education in close connection with research. Our major research groups work in the domains of distributed systems, formal methods, performance evaluation, and document information systems. The department works in close cooperation with other mathematical and computer science departments of Charles University to provide a strong theoretical background, and with major industrial partners to connect the research results to practical applications. Major software projects originating within the department include the NetBeans platform and the OW2 projects BEEN and SOFA.
89 89
90 -== [[image:thumbnail_consultex.gif>>||alt="KONSULTEX"]] ==
90 +== [[image:thumbnailconsultex.gif>>||alt="KONSULTEX"]] ==
91 91
92 92 With one office in Argentina (Consultex) and one in Brazil (Konsultex), the company is a systems integration and consulting organization specialized in Project Management and related business systems focusing on Project Management ([[Artemis>>]], [[ProjectOpen>>]]), BI ([[SpagoBI>>]]), BPM ([[Bonita>>]]), ERP ([[OpenBravo>>]]), ECM ([[Alfresco>>]]) and CRM ([[openCRX>>]]) with offices in Brazil and Argentina since 1989. Our team of technical and business consultants offers analysis, implementation, customization, training and support services based on Open Source solutions for these business needs. In the Project Management field we offer services related to the applications and project management training with PMP certification, PMO implementation, project management coaching and methodology definition consulting. Konsultex is an implementation partner for SpagoBI in Latin America.
93 93
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97 97 The Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) group at the Technische Universität Berlin conducts research in the management and optimal processing of large-scale (semi-)structured data and huge collections of unstructured documents. This involves exploring systems, architectural designs, and their implementation to enable information management on the web-scale. In order to meet this grand challenge, we will need innovative solutions that address each step in the Information Management Lifecycle. These steps include information modeling, information extraction, data cleansing, integration of heterogeneous data sources, efficient query processing, archiving, and retention management.
98 98 *#
99 99
100 -== [[image:thumbnail_eads.gif>>||alt="EADS"]] ==
100 +== [[image:thumbnaileads.gif>>||alt="EADS"]] ==
101 101
102 102 EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2008, EADS generated revenues of € 43.3 billion and employed a workforce of about 118,000. The Group includes Airbus as the leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft, with Airbus Military covering tanker, transport and mission aircraft, Eurocopter as the world's largest helicopter supplier and EADS Astrium, the European leader in space programmes from Ariane to Galileo. Its Defence & Security Division is a provider of comprehensive systems solutions and makes EADS the major partner in the Eurofighter consortium as well as a stakeholder in the missile systems provider MBDA.
103 103
104 -== [[image:thumbnail_edifixio.gif>>||alt="EDIFIXIO"]] ==
104 +== [[image:thumbnailedifixio.gif>>||alt="EDIFIXIO"]] ==
105 105
106 106 #*
107 107 == [[image:eFrontsmall2.png>>||alt=eFront"]] ==
... ... @@ -109,11 +109,11 @@
109 109 Epignosis is a fast growing, dynamic, and technology oriented learning and training company. Based in Athens – Greece, it’s a member of the Virtual Trip Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, together with other twelve high-tech companies in Greece, Spain and the US. Epignosis, is the vendor of “eFront” which is a modern award winning learning system, SCORM 2004 4th edition certified, bundled with key enterprise functionality ranging from skill-gap analysis and branch management to tailor-made reports. In 2009, Brandon Hall awarded eFront with a Bronze award for technology excellence in the Learning Management Technology for Small and Medium Sized Business category. ELearning Media Group announced eFront as Best of ELearning! 2011 with the Award of Excellence in the following two categories: 1. Best Learning Management System – eFront Enterprise, and 2. Best Open Source Solution.
110 110 *#
111 111
112 -== [[image:thumbnail_engineering.gif>>||alt="ENGINEERING"]] ==
112 +== [[image:thumbnailengineering.gif>>||alt="ENGINEERING"]] ==
113 113
114 114 Engineering Group is the major Italian player in IT design, outsourcing, product and consulting services on all vertical markets, with more than 6.000 people and 37 offices in Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Latin America. Engineering Group has one of the largest Research & Innovation departments, relying on 250 researchers, which includes Engineering's Open Source Competence Center. It manages the free/open source [[SpagoWorld Initiative>>]], based on four main projects: SpagoBI, the Open Source Business Intelligence platform; Spagic, the Open Source SOA Universal Middleware; Spago4Q, the Open Source platform for Quality of Software products, processes and services; Spago, the Open Source Java Enterprise Framework.
115 115
116 -== [[image:thumbnail_enovance.gif>>||alt="ENOVANCE"]] ==
116 +== [[image:thumbnailenovance.gif>>||alt="ENOVANCE"]] ==
117 117
118 118 eNovance IS FOCUSED ON giving access to the best of Open Source Technologies in a reliable, controlled, flexible and secure environment. eNovance SPECIALIZES IN High Performance and High Availability. eNovance PARTNERS WITH the best innovative companies, in order to provide its customers with the best tools to help their business grow.
119 119
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142 142 Forever OSS was established in September 2007, 6.3 million yuan of registered capital. Open Source Technology Innovation Award in the world by 2006, the United States returned students to create, is the first local team to focus on open source software services. Since the establishment, Forever OSS has been committed to the idea of ​the local community to promote open source software in China: an alternative to traditional commercial software through open source software in the IT building, and drive innovation-based. It strive to create a company dedicated to open source、willing to learn、 willing to innovate and helpful corporate culture, efforts to attract senior IT open source technology development and technology consulting experts to join efforts to cultivate innovation and courage to challenge the technical backbone, so that customers would like are thinking, and seeking customers seeking to provide customers with a stable technical team to achieve the ability to respond quickly to business needs, helping customers to obtain a competitive market advantage through IT means.
143 143 *#
144 144
145 -== [[image:thumbnail_fraunhoferfokus.gif>>||alt="FOKUS"]] ==
145 +== [[image:thumbnailfraunhoferfokus.gif>>||alt="FOKUS"]] ==
146 146
147 147 The Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS in Berlin has been researching and developing communication and integration solutions for partners in industry, research and public administration in the fields of telecommunication, automotive engineering, eGovernment and software development for more than 20 years.
148 148
149 -== [[image:thumbnail_ministereinterieur.gif>>||alt="Ministère Interieur"]] ==
149 +== [[image:thumbnailministereinterieur.gif>>||alt="Ministère Interieur"]] ==
150 150
151 151 The French Minsitry of Interiors has two main missions:
152 152 (% style="list-style-type: square" %)
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169 169 Ingres is the leading open source database management company. Ingres is the world's second largest open source company and the pioneer of The New Economics of IT, providing open source solutions at dramatically reduced cost than proprietary software vendors. As a leader in The New Economics of IT, Ingres delivers low cost and accelerated innovation to its more than 10,000 customers worldwide.
170 170 *#
171 171
172 -== [[image:thumbnail_instituttelecom.gif>>||alt="Institut Telecom"]] ==
172 +== [[image:thumbnailinstituttelecom.gif>>||alt="Institut Telecom"]] ==
173 173
174 174
175 175 Institut Telecom's mission lies in higher education, research and innovation in the field of information and communication science and technology. It is a public administrative institution placed under the aegis of the Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment.
... ... @@ -181,16 +181,16 @@
181 181 Jaspersoft is the market leader in open source business intelligence (BI). With more than two million downloads worldwide and more than 5,000 commercial customers in 81 countries, Jaspersoft offers the most widely used open source BI software in the world. The Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite is comprised of an interactive reporting server, graphical and ad hoc report design interfaces, OLAP analysis, and a Java reporting library for scalable, small, medium, and large enterprises, for use as either stand-alone or embedded BI applications. Jaspersoft is based in San Francisco and is backed by leading venture capital firms Morgenthaler Ventures, Doll Capital Management, and Partech International.
182 182 *#
183 183
184 -== [[image:thumbnail_kingdee.gif>>||alt="KINGDEE MIDDLEWARE"]] ==
184 +== [[image:thumbnailkingdee.gif>>||alt="KINGDEE MIDDLEWARE"]] ==
185 185
186 186 Shenzhen Kingdee Middleware Company Ltd. (referred to as “Kingdee Middleware”), a subordinate company of Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited (stock code: 268.HK), is a technically leading infrastructure software enterprise in the global context. It is devoted to providing standard, secure, efficient and integrated enterprise-level middleware and professional services. In 2007, Kingdee Middleware was rated by Gartner as one of the nineteen mainstream vendors in the world to provide next generation SOA service. In 2007, the Kingdee Apusic J2EE application server of Kingdee Middleware was the fourth in the world to pass the latest Java international standard Java EE5.0.
187 187
188 188
189 -== [[image:thumbnail_linagora.gif>>||alt="LINAGORA"]] ==
189 +== [[image:thumbnaillinagora.gif>>||alt="LINAGORA"]] ==
190 190 LINAGORA is a software vendor and professional services provider focused on Open Source Software. With more than 160 employees, offices in France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse), in the US (San Francisco) and in Belgium (Brussels), the company is among major players of Open Source Software. LINAGORA develops its own Open Source softwares (LINAGORA Global Sofware) and provide organizations with reliable and efficient support (LINAGORA Run Services) and professional services (LINAGORA Professional Services). One of the leading pioneers of the Open Source movement in Europe, LINAGORA has strong expertise and offerings in Open Source technologies. As a consequence LINAGORA has been taking part in all major French Open Source projects, often playing a primary role as a trustworthy link between open source communities and clients. LINAGORA had assisted the French National Assembly in implementing an open source environment but customers. LINAGORA’s customers include Fortune 500 companies (Air France, Carrefour, Areva...), government agencies (French Department Of Defense, French Inland Revenue service...), Universities (Université de Lyon, Université Pierre et Marie Curie) and many more...
191 191
192 192
193 -== [[image:thumbnail_mandriva.gif>>||alt="MANDRIVA"]] ==
193 +== [[image:thumbnailmandriva.gif>>||alt="MANDRIVA"]] ==
194 194
195 195 Mandriva is a publisher of free software including :
196 196 Mandriva Linux, a full free operating system for individuals and enterprises. For client computers, servers, mobiles and embedded devices.
... ... @@ -198,7 +198,7 @@
198 198 Mandriva Pulse 2, an open source tool for heterogeneous IT networks management.
199 199 Mandriva is also 'Assembly' the meeting point of all users communities, developers and contributors of its projects.
200 200
201 -== [[image:thumbnail_maps.gif>>||alt="MAPS"]] ==
201 +== [[image:thumbnailmaps.gif>>||alt="MAPS"]] ==
202 202
203 203 MAPS is an organization created and administrated by professionals of the financial, mathematical and technological areas. It develops products and services for companies in the financial market.
204 204 MAPS is always looking into market transformations, either financial or technological, applying in its products and services the best practices and innovations revealed by those transformations, offering to its clients the most complete solutions for their business
... ... @@ -209,7 +209,7 @@
209 209 Neociclo, the leading provider of open source Odette FTP (OFTP) solutions, has established an international standing by offering business-to-business (B2B) integration and application integration expertise in the automotive, government and financial industries. Neociclo is developing an open source Managed File Transfer integrated solution enabling to handle large amount of data and control all aspects of data movement on internal and external integration for organizations of all types.
210 210 *#
211 211
212 -== [[image:thumbnail_nuaa.gif>>||alt="NUAA"]] ==
212 +== [[image:thumbnailnuaa.gif>>||alt="NUAA"]] ==
213 213 NUAA has gone through 3 historic periods since 1952, evolving from a teaching-oriented university to a research-oriented university. NUAA is a national key university characteristic of science and engineering. It enjoys a well-balanced development of
214 214 multiple disciplines in engineering and technology, management sciences, natural
215 215 sciences, humanities and social sciences with the characteristics of aeronautics,
... ... @@ -253,14 +253,14 @@
253 253 EBM Websourcing gives a new breath to application silos. Solutions hosted on OW2, such as Petals ESB, create light connections between complex applications, using proven SOA and web concepts. It reuses the existing old legacy, and creates a light, flexible infrastructure.
254 254 *#
255 255
256 -== [[image:thumbnail_prologue.gif>>||title="alt="Prologue"]] ==
256 +== [[image:thumbnailprologue.gif>>||title="alt="Prologue"]] ==
257 257 With particular expertise in the market sector concerning virtualization of workstations and electronic business document processing and exchange, the Prologue group is a recognized actor in the field of technological innovation in particular relating to Cloud Computing. This market experience allows the company today to offer its B2B platform, for the exchange of electronic documents, as a service (SaaS Software as a Service) and its virtual workstations in the form of an Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service).
258 258 Present in France, Spain and the United States of America, the group comprises 230 employees and addresses nearly all sectors of business activities. The technologies of the group are used by prestigious companies not only across France but also at an international level and include: EDF, Société Générale, Orange, Vilmorin, Immobilière 3F, Midas, Telefonica, REALE Assurances, Toyota, l'Institut National des Statistiques (Espagne). The turnover of the group Prologue reached 13.7M€ by the 1st of September 2010.
259 259
260 -== [[image:thumbnail_requea.gif>>||alt="REQUEA"]] ==
260 +== [[image:thumbnailrequea.gif>>||alt="REQUEA"]] ==
261 261 Requea applications are defined from a model (Model Driven Architecture) which delivers productivity gains, unparalleled extension and tailoring capabilities, integration with other application and external services, and database and system portability. Requea enterprise applications are based on Dynapage and Dysoweb. Requea Dynapage platform is used to dynamically assemble modular solutions based on components coming from different vendors. All application are available as a Web Service as soon as they have been created on the platform. Dysoweb, based on the Apache Felix OSGi platform, offers exceptional deployment capabilities of components to create a modular and extensible solution. Dysoweb applications are modular by nature and can be adapted to complex enterprise environments.
262 262
263 -== [[image:thumbnail_scalagent.gif>>||alt="SCALAGENT"]] ==
263 +== [[image:thumbnailscalagent.gif>>||alt="SCALAGENT"]] ==
264 264
265 265 ScalAgent DT is a middleware specialist, who provides software and expertise to integrate devices and services with the information system.
266 266 ScalAgent DT has designed JORAM, a JMS-compliant Message Oriented Middleware distributed by OW2. ScalAgent DT provides professional services with JORAM, including a development and deployment training programme, consulting for application and/or deployment architectures, specific developments extending or using JORAM, and professional support.
... ... @@ -284,13 +284,13 @@
284 284 Sogeti provides information technology services to businesses and public sector organizations. Sogeti employs about 18,000 employees in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international Capgemini organization.
285 285 *#
286 286
287 -== [[image:thumbnail_sugarcrm.gif>>||title="SugarCRM"]] ==
287 +== [[image:thumbnailsugarcrm.gif>>||title="SugarCRM"]] ==
288 288 SugarCRM makes CRM simple. As the world's fastest growing customer relationship management (CRM) company, SugarCRM applications have been
289 289 downloaded more than ten million times and currently serve over 850,000 end users in 80 languages. Over 7,000 customers have chosen SugarCRM's On-Site and Cloud Computing services over proprietary alternatives. SugarCRM has been recognized for its customer
290 290 success and product innovation by CRM Magazine, InfoWorld, Customer Interaction Solutions and Intelligent Enterprise.
291 291
292 292
293 -== [[image:thumbnail_talend.gif>>||alt="TALEND"]] ==
293 +== [[image:thumbnailtalend.gif>>||alt="TALEND"]] ==
294 294
295 295 Talend is the recognised market leader in open source data integration. More than 500 paying customers around the globe, including Yahoo!, Virgin Mobile, Sony and Swiss Life, use the Talend Integration Suite of products and services to optimise the costs of data integration, ETL and data quality. With more than four million lifetime downloads and 900,000 core product downloads, Talend's solutions are the most widely used and deployed data integration solutions in the world. The company has major offices in North America, Europe and Asia, and a global network of technical and services partners. For more information.
296 296
... ... @@ -306,25 +306,25 @@
306 306 *#
307 307
308 308
309 -== [[image:thumbnail_universityfortaleza.gif>>||alt="UNIFOR"]] ==
309 +== [[image:thumbnailuniversityfortaleza.gif>>||alt="UNIFOR"]] ==
310 310
311 311 The University of Fortaleza (Unifor) was created in 1973 with the mission to contribute to the realization of ideals and dreams forming professionals and researchers of excellence. Unifor aims to foster a learning experience with a commitment to environmental, scientific and cultural development and has, since its foundation, established itself as the best private university of the North and Northeast and one of the main private universities in Brazil. Unifor offers more than thirty different undergraduate courses in five areas of education – Administration, Health, Humanities, Juridical and Technology – and has more than 25 thousand students and over 1100 professors. The university also has a strong research focus with several post-graduate courses (Master and PhD programs) in Applied Informatics, Business Administration, Collective Health, Constitutional Law and Psychology, as well as a doctorate in Biotechnology, in partnership with the Northeast Biotechnology Network – Renorbio.
312 312
313 313
314 -== [[image:thumbnail_universityjosephfourrier.gif>>||alt="University Joseph Fourrier"]]
314 +== [[image:thumbnailuniversityjosephfourrier.gif>>||alt="University Joseph Fourrier"]]
315 315
316 316 Located at the heart of the Alps, in outstanding scientific and natural surroundings, the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble is a leading University of Science, Technology and Health. The UJF offers initial and further education for jobs of the future in a wide range of fields: Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, Biology, Medicine and Pharmacy, Engineering and Technology, Earth Science and Astronomy/Astrophysics, Environmental Studies, Geography and Territorial Sciences, as well as the Science of Physical and Sports Activities.
317 317 Within 50 laboratories, the UJF is developing outstanding research in partnership with national research bodies and the area's major international instruments. The Université Joseph Fourier promotes the results of the research it conducts via its private subsidiary Floralis, which manages university-industry relationships. The UJF, along with its partners, is actively involved in 5 competitiveness clusters - Minalogic, Lyon Biopôle, Tenerrdis (new energy sources), Trimatec (nuclear and environmental technologies), Axelera (chemistry and the environment) and 2 Carnot Institutes - LSI (Software and Intelligent Systems) and Energy Sources of the Future.
318 318
319 -== [[image:thumbnail_usr.gif>>||alt="University Sao Paulo"]]
319 +== [[image:thumbnailusr.gif>>||alt="University Sao Paulo"]]
320 320
321 321 The University of São Paulo (USP), with over 5 thousand professors and 75 thousand students, is the largest research university in Latin America and is responsible for ¼ of the Brazilian scientific production. Its Department of Computer Science, located in the city of São Paulo, has a 35-year history in research in Computer Science and is responsible for solid undergraduate, masters, and PhD programs in Computer Science. The department's 40 professors carry out research in all fields of Computer Science.
322 322
323 323
324 -== [[image:thumbnail_usharesoft.gif>>||alt="USHARESOFT"]] ==
324 +== [[image:thumbnailusharesoft.gif>>||alt="USHARESOFT"]] ==
325 325
326 326 UShareSoft simplifies the way IT professionals deliver software. We make it easy for individual developers, system administrators and professionals to automate the creation and deployment of software templates and images for VMware, Amazon, Eucalyptus,, IBM CloudBurst and other environments. UForge Appliance Factory provides the best OS- and image format-agnostic platform to assemble self-deployable distributed appliances for on-demand application delivery. UShareSoft tools are helping ISVs and enterprises in their transition phase to the cloud. For more information, visit
327 327
328 -== [[image:thumbnail_xwiki.gif>>||alt="XWIKI"]] ==
328 +== [[image:thumbnailxwiki.gif>>||alt="XWIKI"]] ==
329 329
330 330 XWiki is a young innovative enterprise created in 2004 and was visionary in the use of wikis. XWiki provides XWiki Enterprise, the Open-Source Enterprise Wiki (whose feature set can be extended through numerous applications). It also offers a full range of professional services on top of its product line (training, development, hosing, support, consulting). These offerings are designed to help organize information simply and share it effectively. All the software created by XWiki is released under the LGPL Open-Source license. With thousands of enterprises using our products, XWiki is the leader of collaborative Open Source solutions for enterprises.{{/html}}